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""I have an awesome jigging or bait set up to loan if someone wants/needs it:

Seeker Blacksteel CJBF65H- with SiC guides and a Tiburon SST 8 with spectra and a short mono topshot of 60 lb. Ande. The reel is an automatic 2 speed so you don't have to worry about shifting gears.

The reel just came back from Tiburon service and will work well.

Contact me and we can work a plan to get it to you for the trip.""

Hey Everyone!

I haven't had anyone ask to use this, so I wanted to post again to make sure it goes, if needed. If you want to use it, it would be best to get it now so you can 'play around with it' to understand how it works.

Just let me know.

SkeeterRonnie- That 50 2-speed from Colman's arrived at my house today. It sure looks and feels especially good for only ~$260! But the guts are what I'm interested in and know you'll find something out there to test it.

I've put it on my Seeker 6460XH (with rollers) and just have to spool the spectra.

If you want to come get it, let me know because I'll soon be leaving for Alaska and want to make sure you have it as soon as possible.

If I buy the spectra, would you mind loading it?

Let me know.

Maybe we can use this post as a base for loaners, unless most of you are using PMs.
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