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Rigging a 50 Reel

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I want to rig this with 130# hollow and a short, 50 foot, 80 or 100 # mono topshot.

This reel will hold 850 yards of 50# mono, so any ideas how much spectra I'll need?

I've already got 600 yds of JB hollow, but I don't think that's nearly enough?

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Tom, Go ahead and spool it with your 600yds and splice in another 300 if it will take it. what reel did you get????
I bought one of those offered at Colman's for $250, as a test for OTI.

SKR is going to test it on Cinco.
and test it I will!! I will buy a good trolling lure and we shall troll it, chunk it, hammer down the drags and catch the biggest AJ anyone has ever seen.... lol. That reminds me- I need to buy a drag scale so I can watch the tensions- loose on the troll, tight on the bottom, and middle on the chunks.

BTW~ when is this OTI going open up? I am anxious to have another place to get in trouble in....lol. Maybe they should have thier own signature credit card that gives a 2% discount if used there....lol.
Dang Tom, stinks whene the line costs as much or more than the reel, lol.
Looking forward to checking out that reel. isnt it made in Korea???
I agree with Bret. It is real easy to splice in more line.
If you want to have a full spool with the line you have now, you can add some mono underneath the spectra.
I can't find my link to a conversion calculator. You might can touch bases with your line supplier. I know that Basil could tell you how much 130 would fit based on how much mono is stated to fit.
Where is Coleman's do they have a web site? Do they have good deels?THanks steve
Has anyone used these reels and are they any good??? They look nice but that does not make a reel. Just interested but do not want to waste the money. Thanks Steve
Hey Steve,

That's what I wondered, so I bought one of the last ones to test its quality. They offer a great warranty if it does break down.

Anyway, it's just a test and I'll probably sell it after Cinco and GEM for what I put into it.
I am respooling my 50w with jb hollow 130 lb. , I will be using a small spool of 130 lb. dacron on the bare spool, then the spectra. This saves a lot of money on filling the spool and dacron is know for longivity. I should still have close to 900 yds. on the spool.

Thanks K-Song, I forgot about that!
What reel is it?

My Dad, Mike in Woodlands aka Grand of Granddad's Fishing Tackle (TBB trip sponsor), is testing a pair of 30w and a pair of 50w on the TBB trip so I am wondering if it is the same ones. The drags on the ones we have put out some serious pressure and are really smooth.
Hey newman and welcome to the site!

It's the private label brand "Colman's" that is silver and blue. It looks as though they private labeled an Avet 50, but that's just speculation.

SKR picked it up last night at my house to test/use on his upcoming Cinco trip in October.
this reel is sweeeeeet.. Can I have first dibs on it if you decide to sell it?

The inner diameter of the spool shaft is a little larger than others i believe. I put all 600 yds on the reel and it looks like a 50yd topshot of 100 mono will be all that fits comfortably. Granted I need to let it all out on the way out to get it good and packed down.....I darn sure dont want it digging in when I hammer down the drag to fight AJ....lol. Very smooth reel- looks very nice on the exterior.... we shall see if it handles everything I can dish out.... Supersize the AJ, then drop back for a huge grouper.... then HOPEFULLY I can get a flying fish out of the lights for the monster yellowfin.

Please put it thru as much locked-drag fishing as you can!

Make sure someone ties an anchor line to your belt! JK!

Please put it thru as much locked-drag fishing as you can!

Make sure someone ties an anchor line to your belt! JK!

No worrys Tom, Skeeter knows how to waterski. ;)
Pretty good looking reel for 250 bucks. I would have liked to tested it over the last 5 days. Knowing me and my current luck with tackle, I would have broken something on that reel. I just broke two more rods and lost one very nice new reel. Lot's of BIG AJ's out there right now. If you find them they are all 45lbs up or all under sized. If you catch a couple undersized ones, move on. I switched to 130 lb line to pull them out. Listening to that horrible firecracker pop sound of an expensive 50 lb class rod snapping is a bummer.

Also, the 100lb+ YF's are being passed up by every boat. They aren't as deep as normal for this time on year. I took me three days to find them. They are feeding on schools of lately born 2 lb bonitas. All I will say is that from 40 to 46 fathoms wouldn't be a bad depth to put out a spread of Ahi Pussy's. Don't go in water less than 40 or more than 46 and get ready for multiple hookups. I really shouldn't go back again this weekend, but the weather looks like it will hold up and the fish shouldn't change their current patterns. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
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