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The last few days have been absolutely insane for topwater , light tackle action on fiesty spring stripers. Tuesday saw over 50 fish to the boat in a 4 hour trip, all on topwater poppers and stickbaits. 12 pound test braid, 15 or 20 pound floro, on 7 foot 6-15 pound medium action rods did the trick nicely, and made for some lively fights.
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The same night saw an amazing re emergence of the elusive squid, and we enjoyed some of the best squirt jigging of the year so far, taking over 500 pounds between just 3 guys...thats alot of jigging!!
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Wednesday saw less fish, but MUCH bigger, including a real nice 45 inch, 34 pound beast that took 5 swipes at the popper before finally inhaling it. I don't think there is anything more exciting than watching a big fish smack a topwater plug right before your eyes. These fish will have to hold me over for another 2 weeks or so, until Charlie shows up.
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