Results of the Spinning Reel Rail Rod Device

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    G'day all,

    We got back yesterday from a wonderful 5 dayer on the Shogun with Captain Bruce Smith and a fantastic crew.

    I was very happy to read the on going commentary regarding my prototype Spinner Rail Rod device as well as some other ideas.
    The inputs, both positive and negative make for a fun discussion and seems to have gotten some folks thinking outside the box. Since that is pretty much where I live (Outside the box) its nice to have some company.

    The good news is the device works on 15 - 30 pound fish with NO twist regardless the direction the fish goes. It is extrememly stable and fishes easily on the rail. I was able to fish it with my Accurate 12 spinner, which I set at a reasonable drag setting for 40 pound mono then after the first run cranked it to the max. Those smaller yellowtail never had a chance and there was zero pressure against this fisherman when the drags forced the fish straight down. When the fish was near the surface and tried to turn its head to go back down I only used two fingers on the butt, with max drag, and those fish just popped up out of the water due the rod recoil almost like a bow and arrow. It was so funny one of the deckhands asked how much drag I was using and I just said I have no idea since it was just locked down. WE both had a good laugh as he gaffed the flying fish which was landed in less than a minute. Three in a row hooked and landed faster than it took most to land one fish after hookup. Spinners are for the most part just easier to get a bait in the zone and seem to get bit faster but that is just my opinion. Thats the good news.

    The bad news was I never got a chance to use this thing on a fish over 25 pounds or so. This just means I go again next month for 6 days and hope for triple digit fish to play with or on the 10 day in November. Based on what I saw with the moderate amount of use I DO believe this is a very viable piece of equipment and I have NO plans to modify it as it looks like it does what it was designed to do.

    Casting was not a problem but I did not use the device for very long as it was just too much stick for the size of fish we were getting.
    I feel casting it was not hindered by the device and the only thing some folks might want to do is put a trigger attachement for ease of use. I am not a trigger guy so I do not plan on doing that but for those who use that technique it would be advantageous.

    As a note: Using a big spinner and catching cows is for folks with a singular purpose. David (Wahoodad) has a singular purpose to catch a giant on an Accurate 6 and a Black Seeker rod. David (Fishybuzz) has a singular purpose to try anything and everything possible and somethings that are impossible to make fishing just that much more exciting and different. (By The way thank you Fishy for showing so much support for this idea). Neither of these two are going to use
    their singular purpose as a steady diet to be used at all times. They are just new goals set as old goals are achieved. I have the same beliefs. I love trying new things and pushing the envelope. It does not mean it will dominate my fishing days but I want it for a change of pace and something to strive for. I refuse to bend to convention or stay static in anything I do.

    I love throwing artificials but sometimes I throw bait if that is the best methodology and suits my purpose at the time. Most everything I throw stuff at big fish is with larger gear. Most folks thought I was nuts when I first started using High speed, 30 size reels, for cows and now more and more folks are using smaller reels for the job but now I read a guy targeted and landed a cow on an Accurate 870. Yeah, he lost many before he landed the big one but that was his goal and he achieved it. I applaud that gentleman as someone who is not afraid to push the envelope and accomplish something others thought could not be done.

    Anyway, in my usual, long winded way, this device works. No rail rod is designed to simply slide along the rail as the fish goes up or down rail. The angler does have to be aware of the device as one goes over another fisherman just as they do with just the bare rod. Those on the Shogun who saw the device both being loaded onto the boat, including a few snickers (Not the candy bar) and some asked what the heck is that thing. Many even thought it was a cool rod bundle carrying device. But most all had as much fun as I did looking at it, appreciating the workmanship and the balance and watching it work.

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    That's a good news.
    Do you take any picture while fighting with fish ?

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    Yo Freddy,

    Unfortunately no pics but hope to rectify that over Labor day on my 6 day. Also hoping the triple digit fish appear like they have on most of our past charters at that time. Wish me luck.

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    I'm glad to hear that your device worked out!
    I bet you must have gotten some strange looks when you started fishing it...