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Discussion in 'Lure Building' started by Asmedeiros, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Asmedeiros

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    I just recently just started pouring my own resin lures , one thing I’ve learned is that the lure has to dry to get rid of the gases unless the epoxy will get fish eyes and leaving spots with no epoxy , how long do you guys let your lure to dry before doing anything to it?
  2. DenisB

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    72 Hrs allow hardening reaction to complete.

    Fisheyes can be from a number of causes.
    - contamination, from hands or household sprays used nearby.
    - unreacted silicone component on the mold ( poor portioning of the silicone components)
    - moisture contamination from exposure to humid air of polyurethane resin components
    ( causes off-reactions).
    - using medical grade syringes to portion epoxy............rubber syringe seal has a silicone lubricant
    ( use syringe with a plastic plunger.
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  3. Asmedeiros

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    Thanks for replying , I make wood lures also and I never had a problem , I know about almost all the things you mentioned the only one o didn’t know was about the mold , I just started molding another lure with a different sillicone so we’ll see what happens , thank you again ,really appreciate it
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    Maybe wipe them down with denatured alcohol before clearing make sure theres no vents or fans on in the room. It happenned to me when i was clear coating a rod. While it was turning someone came in my room and turned on the fan...... fish eyes