Resin for Lure casting

Discussion in 'Lure Building' started by Ananthamurthy, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Ananthamurthy

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    Guys I want to cast poppers and stickbait using resin can any one suggest the resin please I know polyurethane resin but which one
  2. DenisB

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    Most people start with featherlite (Q-cells premixed with resin in both parts A&B )
    Storage of PU resin is critical for good consistent results. Buy a can of "extender" or cheaper 'Air Duster"...........same stuff ( a refrigerant gas) which is used as a gas blanket as you close the cans for storage............this minimises moisture takeup from humidity in the air. moisture absorbtion in PU resins causes off-reaction gas production when mixed causing bubbles & weak lures.
    Don't buy large cans of resin , buy smallish ones you will use up before they absorb too much moisture.

    If you want stronger resin or a different floatation level ( density ) in the resin in the lures you need to buy a stronger resin than featherlite as a pure resin & add your own Q-cells.

    Have at it & post up your creations.
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