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Report for 6/11

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Russ, Chad, and I made a quick run to Surfside yesterday after read all the reports of flat seas. Left ICM at 6:30 and were greeted by small but choppy seas. Headed SSW about 35 miles toward a couple of Rik's spots. Pulled some dolphin candy once we were within a couple miles of our spot and caught several bonito that we saved for bait. Made drops with slappers and drop rigs with lots of snapper but very few were above the legal size. Moved a little deeper to a wreck with same results but did pick up a little rock hind. Decided to head to the Brazos reef and stopped to drag lures around some rigs. Chad hooked up with a King that gave him a good pull. Made it to the reef and things got a little better. First drift I got a nice snapper on the stinger hook of a slapper. Next few drifts produced a couple small AJ's, a small but keeper ling(my first knife jig fish), and more undersized snapper.
Time was running late so we made for home in nice seas. It was great to be on the gulf again with good company and nice weather. bighead

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Thanks for the report.

Nice snapper. What kind of boat is Russ have?
Bert, sounds like you guys had a good trip!!
Russ's boat is a TwinVee 26' cat with Suzuki 4 strokes. Nice boat, easy to fish, pretty easy on gas too. Anybody else ever feel like they took an a**whipin after a day offshore? Pains in places I didn't know I had and hands all nicked up. Yep, I'd go every day if I could. Glad to see you got out Bret. Fishing with a kid is great. Chad was playing with the pilot fish trying it stick them on stuff, lol.
What up Bert? Glad to see you, Chad & Russ put a hurtin' on em.....

All is well here in Portland. I leave for Yakutat this Wednesday for the annual "Meat Run." Wish you & Russ were joining us. Russ said he got a report that the Wahoo were close to shore down there. Man, that is one good eating fish. I miss the warm salty brine fishing of the southern US coast.

When I get back, our ocean salmon fishing will be open and I here it looks pretty decent this year. We will start running out for Albecore as well in late June, early July.

Hope all is well with your family and keep sending me your reports. I think it is cool that we can share our stories on forums like this....

Take care brother.....
KHH, welcome aboard.

Good luck on your trip and please give us your fishing report.
What kind of fish do you catch at Yukutat?
Hi Terry, I wouldn't say we put a hurtin on um but we're trying. This was the furthest we've ventured offshore to date at around 48 miles. Getting more confidence every trip. Sure would like to have you down sometime to fish with us. Good luck in Alaska, wish I could be along again this year but oh well. Like minnow said, post a report and pics when you get back. I want to hear all about it. BTW, look at the Gallery here. I posted your pic with that Yellow Eye from last year. Bert
Great report bighead!

Great to see you're taking your son!
thanks for the report and pictures. those of us stuck onshore really enjoy the reports....rick
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