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Rembrand 2 hour teeth whitening system

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Tried this little system out tonight..... hmmmmm. The quick and easy- couple sports style soft mouthpieces you form with the hot water... Easy. Now you have 10 little blue packets of the whitening gel( which I later found out is a nice name for battery acid!) .... the system calls for 5 applications of 20 minutes each cycle. with a 10 minute rest (COOL DOWN) period...
Sounds pretty simple.. so I get started... squeeze one packet in the lower mothpiece, get it in my mouth. Same with the top mouthpiece.... Hmmmm.. After a few minutes a nice staedy stream of drool begins to come out of my mouth... I am thinking "20 minutes- yeah right!" After about 10 minutes, the whitening gel begins to tingle like a redhot mint.... Not bad... I hit the 20 minute mark, rinse out my mouth, and brush my teeth. My mouth felt like it was full of ice, it was tingling..... OK, waited 10 minutes and repeated.. This time I folded up a papertowel and put it between the mouthpieces so I could breath, and attempt to keep my mouth dry... as soon as the gel hit the teeth, the excess went up to my gums and started burning.... This is the part I was unaware of.... that comes later. Well this vicious cycle continues, and the pain feels like a dentist inserting a needle into the gums for deadening..... I make the 20, and haul arse to the bathroom and rinse, brush and try not to put anything cold in my mouth(including AIR)... WOW... only 3 more to go.... I start thinking this SUCKS! Carol says my teeth are lightening up, but I cant see the change.. Ok- one more tonight and continue tomorrow.

I make it about halfway thru before the excruciating pain sends me running to the bathroom to spit this overpriced crap out of my mouth.. I rinse with warm water, brush, and observe in the mirror.. WHat I now see is my lower gums at the toothline, on 2 teeth is SOLID WHITE! I thought I just murdered my gums!!!! I ran back in the living room and showed Carol... she lof course laughed, then told me "you arent supposed to get it on your gums!" DOH!!! NOW YOU TELL ME!!! She lets me know the color will come back to what I thought was gonna be dead skin.... WHEW!!! AFter about 5 minutes I got the color back in my gums....

I do believe could empty the liquid acid out of my truck battery, and replace it with this gel..... ANd have a lifetime battery! I feel like my teeth have had aluminum foil rubbed all over them... WARNING!!- USE this crap with caution!!!!
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Maybe GS sent you a special blend for your wedding present. It wouldn't surprise me if he did put acid in your teeth cleaner.

You missed out on a hunting trip on a lifetime. He took off with some young kid this evening to take hunting and freak him out before his wedding this Saturday. He told me the things he had planned for this 24 year old church going kid. That guy's in for a shock.
Ronnie, I tried that krap out a while back and the peroxide whitened my gums for a couple of hrs. I thought the same thing that my gums were dead skin... but came back soon enough.

I hope GS shares this weekends' story with us. I am curious what he had in mind.. La Zona rosa??
Ronnie: That's what you get for caring what you look like. My wife uses that stuff and tried to get me to. One good thing about being older than dirt is it doesn't really matter anymore whether you have white teeth.

Mr.Bill: A few years ago I was invited by some folks in Wyoming to hunt huge whitetail on a ranch they had access to. So I invited them down for a week of bay fishing at a cabin some buddies and I own near the big jetties at Port O'Connor. These 3 guys were all super nice, devout Mormons who didn't drink or smoke or swear or even gaze in the general direction of women. My fellow cabin-owners brought along a couple of cases of whiskey, a bunch of cigars, and a collection of videos probably not generally available in rural Wyoming or Utah. Since that time, all my hunting has been restricted to Texas.

LOL... Gunsmoke is gonna scare that boy. We have rehersal tonight, I couldnt have went anyways. Sure hope we get to see some pictures.... hehe. Maybe he took him to Boys Town to see the Donkey Show...... LMAO!
Got wind a while ago that the hunting trip with GS might be over. The 24 year old is at the hospital and refuses to go back to the hunting camp. GS tried to stitch him up after he made the kid shoot at a coyote this morning. GS gave him a .460 Weatherby with a scope.

That gun shoots a 500 grain bullet. It's mainly used for elephants. Knocks the living crap out of you. The kid got scope eye real bad. It cut a perfect circle and needed stitches. The bridge of his nose is also crushed. GS thinks he's a good stitcher. But the kid refused and they went into town to a real doctor. I'll hear more this evening.

PS: This poor kid has never been hunting before. This is all new to him. He picked a hell of a teacher for a first time experience. He also has a really bad hangover to go with his busted up eye.
OMG:eek: , I hope that guy can make it to his wedding :D

How strong is that rifle? How does it compare to 223 AR round?
it would be like comparing a BBGUn(223) to a 12 gauge shotgun(.460 weatherby)!!! Note to self: read warning label before doing ANYTHING with Gunsmoke!! LOL>... was that one of Gunsmokes "special" round of custom poured ammo??? That poor kid has to get married with what will be a bandaged up and totally brusied face..... uhhhhh can you say "dead meat"!!!
Oh Man, that is too funny.. GS is one hell of a joker... A .460 for yotes.. I dont guess they will run very far if you hit one. I have been laughing hysterically for the past few mins.. trying to calm down enough to respond. Poor kid. I dont guess he will ever hear the end of this from his bride to be.
I can see the wedding pics allready.. Blackeye with stitches, nose all swollen, red,purple, blue....

Tj. shooting a .460 would be like you standing still and me hitting you in the shoulder with a 2x6.
lol..... in other words.. OUCH!! I have had my .243 give me scope eye when I was 12... only took one time... ANd it didnt break the skin. Came close another time a few years ago with the same gun when sighting it in... bumped, but no bruise... and luckily noone saw.. LOL!!! I did get it patterned to a quarter sized circle at 100yds... But, better hope that little bullet doesnt hit a blade of grass along the way or it gets deflected!!
Yeah, I watched a buddy of mine get it on both eyes at the same sitting.
We were shooting in rem 600 350mag (like the mohawk small frame) Kevin shot it once and said no more.. John says "I'll shoot it and proceeds to put a smile above his right eyebrow.. We dob him off and he switches over to lefty and Blamo!! opens up the left eye too.. WE put the gun up after that and Mark sold it shortly afterwards.
That is freakin hilarious, note to self be carefull when gs is around.
this is the funniest thread I've read all week!
Got scope-eye from my .243 Voere once; quickly determined what
"eye relief" was really about!
about the teeth thing; Dude you're going too far....
You clearly didn't read your vows before you put that sh**
in your mouth.......richer/poorer,sickness/health,brown teeth/white teeth......
hilarious, dude!
All the best to you & your new bride!
Boy, word sure gets around fast. I just placed a report on the groom and his condition in the hunting forum. Long hard high stress day. Glad it's over.
Tj. shooting a .460 would be like you standing still and me hitting you in the shoulder with a 2x6.

I remember seeing an article in one of the hunting magazines that did a comparsion on the recoil of a bunch of different calibers. If I remember correctly a 12 guage with heavy loads was about 25-30# of force and a 460 was about 110-120#...

Call me stupid but I've always wanted to shoot one. Maybe I need to rethink that since I've grown older and hopefully a little wiser.
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