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The fishing over the last week has been a roller coaster to say the least. I started out on the 17th with Jonathon and crew from Monroe the call was for an easy and early day. The mangroves and reds were our target for the day. The reds were as easy as they could be the mangroves were there also but they were a lot tougher to catch but we managed to get a decent box of them. We had to drop to 30lb fluro to get bit and that made it tough to convert bites to fish but we still came out on top.
The following day I had Steve Wheelis along with Rick,Matt and Chris. The first order of the day was the right bait. We spent the better part of the morning running around looking for it. But we finaly tracked down the threadfin and put a few dozen in the well. I know there were thoughts of mutiny among the crew. I kept reassuring them it was worth it. Well the decision turned out to be the right one. We pulled up to our destination and out three threadfin. They lasted about two minutes before we had a triple on. As soon as one fish was gaffed I would unhook it and hook another bait on and throw it out and within 30 seconds or so we would have another. This went on until we had seven yellows on the deck. And a whole lot of sweat from my crew but they handled things very well. We lost no fish and only had one cross up that was easily fixed. After boxing and doing a quick clean up I put baits back out to finish off the boat limit. The bite had slowed down some which was a welcome relief. The next fish to come calling was a sailfish and matt's first billfish. I set the baits out again only to double up on yellowfin and give us our boat limit plus one. The rigging on this day was Mustad 39952 6/0's 60 fluro , 60lb main line on the Torsa's with the drag at 18lbs. We finished the day with 9 yellows and a limit of snapper. I have no pictures until Steve sends them to me. I didn't have any time to take any with it being such a fast bite.
The next group was the Mark Shellem group in from Georgia. I have had to reschedule this trip from the winter and needed to show them a good trip. Mark was on the dock when we got in and saw what Steve Wheelis had caught and was pumped up. We did the same drill and caught the ever elusive threadfins. We arrived to find a boat show but we had the magic baits and put them to work. I am going to cheat and cut and paste the report Mark put up on another website. It's nice to get the report from a different prespective.
Relentless Sport Fishing, Capt. Mike Ellis, WOW!!
What a trip !! Went offshore with Capt. Mike Ellis last Friday out off Venice La. and had one heck of a trip! 5 yellowfin and a limit of red snapper. If anyone would like to go on a quality offshore trip, this is the man! Went 55 miles out and ran into a parking lot. Mostly had to do with the news that the day before, Capt. Mike's clients had brought in 9 yellowfin and everybody wanted to get in on the action. Didn't take long until only a handful of boats were left out there because only a couple of boats were actually putting tuna in the boat. Ours of course was 1 of them! If you want to go down and lay up drinking, I would not waste your or the Capt.'s time, but if you would like to go on a serious fishing trip, and have the time of your life, you should hook up with this Capt. Serious about his fishing and a no nonsense skipper, you still have a great time and a lot of fun. His boat is a fishing machine and when you leave the bait area for the ride out, go ahead try to settle in a very comfortable bean bag for the ride out. First class operation, from his recommendation of Fin and Feathers Cabins, thru his set up and the marina. Thanks Capt. Mike!! I'll try and post some pictures later.

Here is Mark with his first yellowfin along with some of the pictures from the trip.

I tried for a three peat the next day only to have the very few and valuable threadfin die on the way to our destination. We had only three baits alive when I pulled the throttles back. I put them out and we had a sailfish come up and take on. Now down to two not so alive baits and no tuna marking we shifted gears and went inside and caught our limit of nice amberjacks and red snapper. Not what my group wanted but sometimes you just have to make the best out of what you are given.
On Sunday I had Travis Leiva and crew out for what turned out to be a gulf buffet. We hit the snapper spot on the way out and quickly caught our 12 from there we tried our hand at tuna fishing but only found a single blackfin that wanted to play. So we switched gears and chased down some dolphin and a wahoo. Of all species to let us down the amberjack was not the one I thought would but they did on this day. We ended up with a nice box of tuna,dolphin,wahoo and snapper.
On Monday things didn't go so well. I had a steering issue come up and had to stay close but we got our 12 snapper and a limit of jacks and headed to the house early so I could try and fix the problem. It was something only new parts could fix so that shut me down for my Tuesday trip so now I am at the house waiting on UPS. Hopefully I will be back at it on Friday.
Capt. Mike
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