Reel Match for Ghost Hunter 100G Popping Rod

Discussion in '' started by Locke N Load, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Locke N Load

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    What would be a good reel to match up with a GH 100G Popping Rod? Saragosa SW 6K? Daiwa BG4000? Cabo 50? Any different sizes of these instead? Thinking 30 pound braid for 8-10 pounds of drag.
  2. jiggingworld

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    The Saragosa 6k would be a perfect match. That is what I would have suggested from the start. If you prefer to talk over the phone feel free to call the store at 201-587-0011. My name is Chris.

  3. porcha

    porcha Broscientist

    i use a Gosa 6KSW on my GH150 - no complaints

    Had a Cabo 50 PtSD at first -- great reel too but the gosa is superior
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