Reel Comparison and Recommendation

Discussion in 'Reels' started by RevPDP, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. tugasangler

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    its a matter of preference and depth. They both will fish great .

  2. RevPDP

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  3. wnowlin

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    Two speed reels make life a lot easier when you hook a big fish. My Daiwa Saltiga 50 lever drag two speed is my workhorse reel with 50lb braid. I also use accurate two speed lever drag reels in various sizes. With the lever drag I know how much drag I am applying when lever is in strike position and full. It lets me put max pressure on the fish without fear of breaking my line.
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  4. Pawleys Southport

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    My go to Reel is the Talica 12ii; I have on my SP rod, but depending on what I am fishing for I will move it around to another speed jigging rod.
    I have Diawa Saltist and a Fin-Nor Lethal, with Saltist being somewhat better
    I have a Penn Fathom on an ugly stick for newbies and people I don't like.
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