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    Unfortunately I haven't been able to access the links. Tried all the routes possible but no success. I'll keep trying. This year I decided to give it a try at putting apart, cleaning and greasing my freshwater reels, starting with the older ones or less risky. So far OK. I worked on a Shimano Sedona 1000, Penn Fierce II, Shimano Stradic 2500 MgFA and I also put back together a Penn 309 level wind that a friend of mine was about to throw away out of frustration. When I call him to let him know the reel was ready, he said you can keep it! I will post the link to 2nd Chance Tackle. Dennis is methodical and explains well every step. I haven't really check if he has any videos for the reels mentioned above but at least it helped me overcome the fear of doing some basic work on my small reels. Scaling up slowly.
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    You can't beat for reel info. BTW, I think senor tuna is gone.
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    Senor tuna is gone for 3-4 years now or better
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    Thank you for letting me know. Have a great day.
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    wow! talk about thread resurrection........
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