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  1. Lumberjack93

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    Guys, I have found these links to be quite helpful in tearing down fishing reels and cleaning them. The guy that does them is really good and detail oriented. I'm also toying with the idea of upgrading my drag systems from dry systems to wet systems. You'll see what I'm talking about when you view these links. Enjoy. :D

    The reels that have been torn down and photographed are:

    TLD 15

    Daiwa Saltist

    Avet 50 EX

    Okuma 15 2 Speed


    Shimano Beastmaster

    Penn 975

    TLD 20-25


    Daiwa SLX 20


    Penn Jigmaster


    Shimano Tiagra 16

    Penn Intl. 30

    Penn 975 LD


    TLD 20-30


    Avet SX

    Charter Special

    Penn 40 GLS

    Daiwa 50 H


    Accurate 12 Twin Drag

    So, have any of you guys upgraded your drags to smoothies?

    I'll try and post new reels as they are done.
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  2. Ragman

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    Thanks Lumberjack!!!

    This is an excellent resource and will definitely help people break down and service their reels without having to put all of the parts into a bag and shipping it off to someone to put it back together! LOL

    Please feel free to update with additional reels as they become available or as you wish!
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  3. Uncle Russ

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    Tom: You may laugh, (and I am certain that most of the folks on this board are more mechanically competent than I am--it would be hard not to be,) but you can't even imagine how those diagrams send chills up my spine. It's like witnessing a bad car wreck or a plane crash. When I even unscrew a sideplate on a Penn SS, I keep waitng for springs to start flying out. A picture of someone removing a retaining clip causes me to have a panic attack.

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  4. Ragman

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    The only laughing is me with you!

    Though I'm not totally mechanically inept, whenever I take a reel down past getting to the bearings, I always have "extra" parts! :eek:

    But, my buddy Hawk from another board, always saves me.

    He did tell me a great secret when breaking down a reel:

    Get the schematic, but on a separate piece of paper, write down (sort of map) your own diagram of parts as you break down the reel to keep them in order.
    Always place them on a table in the order you took them off too!

    Oh well, I was looking for a new challenge this winter! LOL
  5. Uncle Russ

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    Many many years ago, a buddy of mine helped me re-build the 283 in a '57 Chevy. The next one, he told me I would have to do myself. I told him I was worried about that and he said: "Relax, Russ, just take any parts that are left over, and drop them down the carburetor." I ended up giving the car to the Boy Scouts.

  6. Minnow

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    Record it with your camcorder every steps you take that reel a part. This has helped me so far.
  7. SkeeterRonnie

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    lol... try rebuilding an automotive transmission... Reels come easy after doing this for 6

    Every chance I get to replace drags with carbonfiber, I do. Unless its a quality reel, and already has them in
  8. PiePuncher

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    Transmissions are tough but an engine is easy. The tranny is a whole different monster. A fishing reel, simplicity at its best. lol I am always a little cautious when working on a reel I havent worked on before but for the most part, all reels are very similar. The only difference much of the time is the size of the parts.
    Skeeter, do you work on trannys? I just rebuilt the motor on my jeep a few months ago and also rebuilt the motor on my old 67 mustang but was not about to mess with the tranny.
  9. Snagged

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    Most automatic transmissions are easy. Try four and five speed transaxles.

    Why don't you put your reels in a plastic bag and ship to Hawk before you take them apart? :D
  10. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    He's trying to give Hawk a challenge... :)
  11. Snagged

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    Hawk has Fissybuzz also!
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  13. alantani

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    very nice looking board, gentlemen! i'm looking a whole new set of reels to go through and would be happy to post them here as well, if you wish. thanks! alan
  14. Minnow

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    Welcome aboard Alantani.

    Thank you for posting on our forum, your post will be very helpfull to all of us.

    Looking forward to your post.
  15. gimmedeal

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    Absolutely, welcome aboard. There are some great folks posting on this board and your input will most definately be welcome. Have read some of your posts on other boards and I, personally, would like to be able to maintain my own reels and improve their performance at times. Look forward to your input on the board Alantani.

  16. SkeeterRonnie

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    Jerry- i did ALL trannys, rear ends etc. 4,5, and the GM 6 speeds. For some reason i just "got it" when it came to trannies. the ASE tests were a breeeeze. I find reels to be more compicated, as the parts are smaller. Once I get the schematics printed out and in front of me, its like making a cake- just have to follow directions. (i did grow up in a mechanically inclined family though, so using my hands all my life has been easy- dad and grandpa were mechanics) I am the smart one, and have decided not to spend my life behind a wrench... LOL! BTW~ ya should see the horsepower I can squeeeeeze out of a GM small block.... love the knowledge, hate the work!
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    Thanks, Glad I found you guys. Nursing a bad shoulder (while the Tuna are hot and heavy off Cape cod) at least I can work on my gear while I heal.
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    Alantani, you're great! Got many old reels at home...they would turn into jewels in your hands!
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    Is it just me? When I click on the Senor Tunas links my antivirus reports them as attack sites and blocks me from going there.
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