Reds, Trout, Flounder, Deer, Owls and a Mouse

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    Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, maybe even my favorite. Okay, it is. You eat, sleep and have time to get outside for whatever encourages happiness. This year was great because I was able to spend it and fish with my best friend from high school, Greenville.

    Greenville and I left Dripping Spring at 1:30 to meet Ken Sabin at East Matty at 5:30. The trip started well with coffee and jokes. However, not 15 minutes into the journey, I noticed two deer on the side of the road. I stopped as they headed across the road. One ran across and the other just stood on the shoulder. I waited and started to think of trout. Screw it, the deer was staying put, but I was moving on to green pastures. I guess she was also considering greener pastures and decided to move as well. Bam! One deer down! She limped into the brush and we returned to the road.

    Two hours later old memories were flowing, being accelerated by volumes of coffee. "Remember snake pond and those girls...Cancun was insane," Greenville recounted. DOUBLE BAM! My laughter and his stories abruptly ended. "What the hell was that?" I asked. "I don't know," replied Greenville. I knew it was white and shot across my windshield like a quick daydream, but it was something's nightmare. I decided it must have been an owl and turned around. As we neared the scene, two owls stretched across HWY 111. What they were doing together evades me. No road kill to munch on, but they were something else's dinner now.

    About two miles down the road, a mouse decided he wanted to become part of the killing spree. He shot out from the grassy edges of the shoulder and I felt a slight bump at 75mph. Greenville and I looked at one another and hoped the spree would continue on the bay.

    We arrived and met Ken with his new South Shore 24VDR. A quick hand off of a few Corkies to Jesse and we were roaring down the ICW and into the bay at 52mph! The new South Shore is a great chariot of fire and water. Once the flames evaporated the water we settled into a morning grind.

    The first aquatic victim was soon dispatched! Greenville's rod doubles over and I am thinking it must be a monster flounder by the way it was fighting. No head shakes, no runs, just dogging it deep. "Play him Greenville," I encouraged. He pulls him up and I was expecting a barn door, but it was a serving platter sized ray. "That's your baby," I laughed as I watched him try to keep a distance of more than two feet between his torso and the barb I could easily see from 30 yards away. He eventually frees his tormented ray and doubles up again. This time I was hoping for something less fierce and more palatable. No luck, another sting ray. At this point I began the familiar "sting ray shuffle" and waded to the nearest gut. By the time I got there and looked back and saw he was fighting another "creature," but this time he rolled a 12. A true flatty was pressing against his chest and it was a good one.

    We spent the rest of the day playing with reds, nailing trout from 15" to 25" and laughing about the best days of our childhoods. Ken probably heard enough that he doesn't want to remember and maybe seeking a hypnotherapist today to erase the images painted by our words. Yes, it was a great day. The action was not always fast and furious, which allowed for the most important part, the fastening of brotherhood. However, it was consistent enough to keep us on our toes. I missed more fish from not paying attention than I should have, but at least my attention was well placed.

    We finalized the fishing with a quick drift. I am not a drift fisherman, but the box had space. Ken wanted to run to another end of the bay to try a spot receiving little attention. The chariot must have devoured half of East Matty as we skimmed across the bay. This was the first time I notice the skin on my face flapping in the wind. I guess time and age have loosened it's grip and it was like a flag in the tropical storm force winds created by the throttle. Ken must have noticed the rain coming and this was the reason for pushing the boat so hard.

    We finally came off plane and the storm was approaching. "Start throwing plastic!" Ken exclaimed. "We don't have long." We all started throwing plastic like speed balls from Nolan Ryan. My rod loaded under heavy pressure nearly immediately. We boxed a few trout before the rain ended our parade and we took off for the ramp with rain stinging our faces.

    I won't even get into the parade at the ramp. The annual "Thanksgiving Boat Parade" was about to begin at the Harbor and there were people everywhere. I had to shew people from the ramp to pull Ken's ride from the water. Finally, we were out and with a quick shake of hands, we were off.

    Now, for the last phase of the trip, you know how it feels after getting up early, fishing all day and having to drive home, right? Well, in my case, this feeling felt like it was on steroids. By the time we made it to Gonzales, blue and red were flashing. "I received a call about a suspected drunk driver," said a 22yr old officer of the peace. "You boys don't look like you have been drinking." "Boys," I said. "You look like you graduated yesterday." The young cop smiled and laughed. "Nearly," he replied. "You guys get some joe, you look tired." I took off and aim at my next victim. Yes, the spree continues...

    At nearly the same spot were we met our first victim, another was walking up to his place of fate. I was sailing along when a buck decided to make a charge for my car, I dodged him and he bashes into my quarter panel. "What the @#$%!" I thought to myself. "I may commit genocide by the time I get home if I keep this up." 10 trout, 3 reds, 2 flounder, 2 deer, 2 owls and a mouse...
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    Great read, Brandon!
    I need to fill my freezer, can I borrow your truck?:D

  3. Pope

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    As long as you pay for the damage. Deer meat is high! I thought about eating the owls, but they were spindly little critters.
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    Dang Brandon, sounds like a whirlwind Road kill weekend.. Great read and thanks for the report.. any damage to the car??
  5. Pope

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    The right rear quarter panel took two tines from the buck. The car behind me said he just hit with his right side. The marks are far apart, showing he was a true TROPHY. I hit him just 10 minutes from your place.