Redemption is MINE! (REPORT)

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    After getting skunked the other day I was a bit timid about going out today. But the wind was right and things did feel pretty good. Until I screwed up my alarm clock setting that is. So the day starts off a bit hectic. I meet Sageboy and Mark and we get rolling to the ramp. At the ramp I see one other boat. Its Leva and Cullen hoping to get Leva some redemption for the skunk trip. We all head out and in short order I see fish and birds busting shallow. I get on them and first cast, swing and a miss. The guys reload.......TIGHT........DOUBLE!!!!!! Sageboy and Mark are tight. We do the tango and the guys end up line wrapped. No panic, just smooth methotical action and the guys are unwrapped and back in the game. First fish comes in, gaff and ice. A quick tape and its an under fish (45") The next ones a bit bigger, but I'm not sure so I lip it and gently slide it in. The tape says 48" so we ice it and the meats in the box for the day.



    We get back at it and have a few swings and misses before the action slows. I make a long run and nothing pans out. We get back in the zone mid day and its looks good and then it goes off again. We have a few hits, catch and release number 3. Then TOADZILLA goes completely airborn 50' off the gunnel like in the Murray Bros photo. I yell "LOOK AT THAT!" Mark yells TIIIIIIGHHTTTT!!!! My jaw just dropped. THe fish comes right at the boat at warp speed and Mark can't gain enough line to burry the hook. The fish spits the Ocean Lure and we all just stare at each other with the image burned in our brains. I'll say the fish was well over 300# and leave it at that. I won't speculate how much more other than to say it was FU#KING HUGE!!!! WE all got a great look at the fish, so good in fact Mark said he's glad the fish got off as he wanted no part of something that size.

    After that we had a few more boils but never buttoned any up. Final count for the day 3 for 4. Solid redemption after a skunk trip. There is still a ton of bait around, tons of birds and plenty of fish. The water temps were actually up a bit with the SW blow we had. I expect we will get a few more trips out there before its over. Maybe even another shot at TOADZILLA

    Setups today were Stella 20000/ Big Guns, 80# braid, 100# Streamline Wind-Ons, Prototype Ocean Lure Halfbeaks.
    Good Luck,

    Capt. Terry Nugent
    Riptide Charters
    Riptide Charters and Capt. Terry Nugent light tackle and fly fishing Massachusetts waters including Cape Cod Bay, Vineyard Sound, and Buzzards Bay.
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    Moby Torpedo at warp speed heading for the Pequod. I can only imagine what that was like! Wowee!!

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    The big fish that you guys hooked, I think with the Stella/Big gun/Streamline wind on combo and the Black magic harness, I think it's 100% do-able. Given that an experienced angler is on the rod, I don't see why you couldn't land a 400# fish. I know it's easier said than done but my point is that the Stella/Big gun is a combo capable of getting the job done!
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    Nice fish buddie. Great to see you finally got out and got tight. I will give you a buzz to get the blow by blow. Congrats dude couldn't be happier for you and the smile says it all!!!!!
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    I’m not one to post much but in this situation I need to give credit where credit is due.

    Our main goal in fishing with Terry was to gain as much knowledge as possible from one of the best to shorten the learning curve on these fish. I believe we did that and then some. Mark and I were more interested in learning then catching and I told Terry that if we didn’t get any then that’s fishing for ya. Even though he was just coming off a skunk and we were not sure what we would be in for I still wasn’t concerned. If there were fish around to be found I knew he would find them. Little did I think we would have our over and under in the boat within the first 5 minutes.

    The tips and knowledge that Terry shared with us were invaluable. It was time and money well spent and when presented with similar situations to come I will know now how to analyze the situation and decide the best plan of attack as well as increase our hookup ratio. I’m not going to go into all the tips and knowledge that he shared as that was part of the price of admission and would not be right to him or me but I now have a better understanding of the fishery. In the one day we spent with him I probably just saved a couple of years of learning on my own. When you factor that in that’s potentially a lot of time and money just saved.

    I would highly recommend Terry to anyone looking to do the same. This is a fishery that you can always learn something about. Weather it’s rigging or how to hunt for fish to bird behavior and everything in between. The information you will obtain will make you more successful and at the same time you will become a better fishermen.

    Thanks again Terry for a memorable day. Oh ya….the whole banana on the boat theory…not sure how true that is. :)