Red Snapper Bill introduced

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    Texas Congressmen Paul, Lampson and Ortiz have signed off. If your Congressman is listed thank them if not ask them to sign off asap.


    February 14, 2008
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    Magnuson Flexibility Legislation Gains Wide Support

    Washington, DC --- Congressman Frank Pallone introduced legislation yesterday that will amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act of 2007 (MSA) and include limited flexibility in rebuilding healthy fisheries. HR 5425 has gained bipartisan support from 11 coastal legislators along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts illustrating that many believe limited flexibility is needed in the management of rebuilding fish stocks.

    "We are very appreciative to Congressman Pallone and all the cosponsors of HR 5425 for introducing legislation on this incredibly important issue," states Bob Healey, Chairman of the Board, Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA). "This amendment to MSA injects common sense for managing fisheries for our nation and will not compromise rebuilding and conservation."

    The reauthorized MSA contains arbitrary and rigid rebuilding requirements, which have unnecessarily restricted recreational anglers and have not been adaptive to the dynamic marine environment. Top fisheries scientists and the RFA made this point during testimony at a congressional hearing in December 2007. Mr. Pallone's language would give the Secretary of Commerce the discretion to adjust rebuilding timeframes only if specific criteria are present to ensure that the conservation of such stocks continues to advance. Limited flexibility would allow fishermen to retain access to important fisheries such as summer flounder, red snapper, gag grouper, vermillion snapper, yellow-eye rockfish and canary rockfish, while continuing to achieve management goals.

    "When deciding how best to rebuild fish stocks in complex environments, we must use sound biology and science, not arbitrary deadlines set by Congress," Congressman Pallone stated at a press hearing on Monday. "The legislation I'm introducing in Congress is about rational rebuilding, and it is the best way to rebuild our fisheries without bankrupting tackle shops, party boats and commercial fishermen."

    This legislation needs to be passed and will be passed with the support of the entire recreational fishing community. It is critical that all recreational anglers and marine businesses get behind this bill and reach out to their legislators and ask them to support HR 5425.

    "Congressman Pallone and the cosponsors have shown a tremendous amount of leadership," states Jim Donofrio, RFA Executive Director. Mr. Pallone and the cosponsors are to be commended for doing what is right and addressing a problem impacting their constituents."

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    Awesome....sounds like a big step in the right direction.....when does it get voted on? What's the next step?

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    Next step get your Congressman to sign off as supporting the bill no matter where you are. If you live in the District of Congressman Nick Lampson, Solomon Ortiz or Ron Paul thank them for signing the Bill supporting flexibility in the Magnuson.