Red Pig reels?

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by SkeeterRonnie, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    saw an ad for some gold "red Pig" brand reels in saltwater sportsman last night.... has anyone heard or used this brand. :confused:
  2. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    nevermind. did a googlesearch and came up with some guy pushing them cause he knows the owner, and the real life circumstances associated with consumers and thier dilemas..... no thanks for me ... thumbs down. another "u get what u pay for"....

    i dont like posting a link to another forum, but the truth is here... Red Pig Fishing Reels - SFC Fishing Forums

  3. jig

    jig Senior Member

    It ticks me off when a mag like SWS does those articles. They basically (whether they realize it or not) are endorsing this product. I bet the writer never even held one of the reels.
  4. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    exactly. my thought were "hey- they are advertising these, they must be good".... but i guess those ads pay for the wonderful articles :)
  5. fishingryan

    fishingryan Guest

    I purchased 4 80w reels from Red Pig in Jupiter Florida.

    I am very surprised at the quality of the reel.

    Two thumbs up

    I bought them at Salt Water 2-Speed Fishing Reels :)