Red Cedar Popper

Discussion in 'Lure Building' started by flyguy, May 20, 2020.

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    Hey all - it's been a while! Haven't had much time for lure building, but things being as they are in 2020 I managed to knock out a simple one. We have a fallen red cedar in the woods on our property. It was bored-out by a big nest of carpenter ants but some sections of the trunk were usable for projects around the house. I cut a section of branch for this popper. It's a beautiful wood so no paint, just Envirotex. I will say though, it's not the best wood for lures. I wasn't able to add any weight at all. I first tried 1/2oz in the tail and it sank straight to the bottom. Even the smallest freshwater worm bullet weight made it sit tail-down pointing straight up to the sky. The blackfin tuna here in NC tend to hit while the lure's at rest (simulating a stunned flying fish) so floating level is key to getting bit. So, no tail weight at all meaning it'll likely tumble through the air on the cast preventing me from getting any distance. Maybe I'll tie this one on after getting a few tuna in the box with some of my better casting poppers.


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    Nice naked popper.

    You can only work with what timber you have................certainly gives more flexibility in design when you have a timber that is lighter in SG/density.

    try another one shaped with a slim tapered centre bulge ( not fat tho). That will help the lure to float flat & you should be able to sneak a little bit of ballast at the back of the belly to help with the casting while still floating fairly flat.
    The trick is not to bulge the belly too much as that will affect action if you do.

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    Thanks DenisB. Maybe I'll give that a try.
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    I really like naked wood lures. the knotty red cedar is very attractive. I have an original Bomber lure (circa 1964) that was worthless due to a ruined finish. sanded it down to find it was
    made of maple. The lip and all the hardware were brass, so i polished those, too. tuned out to be a really cool piece.
    The E-tex is really good at bringing out the contrasts in grain structure.
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