Recreational vs. Sportfishing Licenses (California)

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    My dad and I are thinking of buying a boat, going offshore, catching some fish then bringing them back to market to sell. I saw this here, for getting the recreational license but the forum will not let me post it as it is recognizing it as spam (it was.a link from the CA Dept of Fish and Game).

    Does anyone know if what I am looking at covers us to do what we are considering doing? Is there a difference in licensure between recreational and commercial fishermen?

    When I think of a commercial fishermen, I generally think of a big boat, huge volumes of fish, employees, etc.

    We are just interested in a fun hobby to bring the family together, and want to use the fruits of our labor to offset the costs of the purchase of the boat, maintenance, gas, etc. And if we actually make a few bucks then great, but this is not a Deadliest Catch type operation by any means that we are envisioning.
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    Recreational and Sportfishing licenses are the same thing.
    for personal use and consumption of fish.

    You want a COMMERCIAL license, and they are "limited entry"
    meaning, no more are available.
    You have to buy from other fishermen, expensive,
    and you never several different ones too.
    Also yearly fees to the state that will be several thousand
    dollars for all the licenses you need.

    Forget your hobby/business idea,
    its a hobby.
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    I saw a commercial finfish license for sale here in Texas a couple years ago.
    think they wanted 25K for the transfer.
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    Doesn't sound unreasonable,
    around the area of licenses in most states that
    initiated limited entry a while ago.
    Some licenses up here are $100-200k,
    surf clam and scallops.
    Certain licenses for specific fish or methods/gear
    to catch them are 50-100k