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Recreational Relief

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I was pleased to receive this from my Aftco news subscription. Who knows how this will help? I hope it will start to turn the tide HJ and I have debated.
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The bill has noble objectives
that will achieved through nefarious
and dangerous (to the biomass) methods.

I don't think it will pass as written.
I don't think it will pass as written.
I am curious on the recent menhaden regs being proposed. What say you? I am sure you are ahead of any changes.
Meeting is today and tomorrow.

It will have no effect on my subgroup,
the purse seiners will be effected.

There have been regs in place since 2013
new proposals are to tie the TAC, total allowable catch
to the biomass level of certain predators.

It's "ecosystem management"
the back door to enable the closure of one fishery
because the actions of another fishery.
Will come to bite all fishermen in the ass one day,
recs included and will end up the most bitten.
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"A proposal to boldly reshape how one of the East Coast's largest fisheries is managed barely left the dock Monday before it was sunk by a flotilla of opposition.

The Atlantic Menhaden Management Board, named for a small but important fish caught by the hundreds of millions of pounds each year along the coast, opted to stick with the status quo rather than adopt a new plan that might have ushered in cuts in harvests.

The board is an arm of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and the larger commission is expected to ratify the decision at its meeting in Linthicum, Md., today.

Monday's decision was cheered by representatives of Omega Protein Corp., whose fleet of vessels based in the Northern Neck town of Reedville catches most of the menhaden netted along the Atlantic. "It's a good day for Omega," said Ben Landry, a spokesman for the Houston-based company.

Environmental groups and recreational fishermen said they were disappointed. They'd been pushing for a regulatory framework that they say takes into account the needs of other species, from whales to striped bass to ospreys, that prey on menhaden.

But when the proposal to put that plan into motion, called Option E, was offered, it was quickly trumped by another, Option B, that basically keeps the management approach as is. Virginia's delegation and all but a handful of the 17 others voted to kick Option E to the side."
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Win for all fishermen.

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