Recommended tackle list for Gulf of Mexico long range fishing.

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    Gunsmoke, are you on the Sept 15th trip? I am on that trip with 7 friends. Since we are driving from corpus, I was thinking of renting a U-haul trailer to bring all the stuff up and to minimize the number of vehicles (I can just see the looks on everyones faces as we pull in). If we rent a u-haul, there should be plenty of space to store gear. I just have to figure out where we would park.
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    No, I'm not on the Sept 15th trip. If you have 7 guys I would at least take a covered wells cargo trailer and two cars or trucks. No use burning a bunch of fuel like I've been doing this month. I'm averaging 200 gallons a week this month. My wife burns about 50 a week. I quess that's why exxon made 10 Billion this past quarter. I look at the bright side. I have a friend that fished 13 days this July. He burns 450 gallons a trip. I feel better now.


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    I do have one question. When you stop to bottom fish what bait do you use? Do they provide the bait for bottom fishing? Thanks steve
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    you can use the live baits if you catch any. the boat usually has squid and spainish sardines. if you want you can also bring your own biat and store it in their fish boxes....rick
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    Hi all, thanks for the great list. It is really helpful for newbie like me. I've never been on the big E but has enrolled for the Dec. 8th trip this year. One thing I'm not clear is what is the function of the milk crate, and is it really neccesary? I've been on a few 2-day trips in San Diego and never see one.
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    we add pieces of pvc to the milkcrate to make rod holders and add tackle or others heavy items to help stabilize it on the boat. we then bungee it off somewhere and it helps keep things organized. or you could build one like gunsmoke did and use it to work out with.....rick
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    Welcome to the board,

    Milk crate is use as rod holder, but now Big E has added 90 rod holders on the top deck milk crate is not as necessery as before.
    On the open party boat, I would suggest you to bring your own milk crate.

    it's easy to mistaken take and use some one else rigs, JMO
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    Yes it will do the job. You might want to strap it down with bungee cords.
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    These lists are for first-timers going long-range fishing, usually aboard
    the Big E 52-hour trips, the Dolphin 60 and 80-hour trips, charter trips
    aboard the Pelican or other long-range vessels in the Gulf region. I am only
    recommending gear that I am familiar with, as there may be plenty of fishing
    gear out there that's just as good.

    I highly recommend buying quality tackle during your initial purchase. The
    reason I recommended this is because in the long run it will save you lots
    of headache and money. Graphite reels are good for people who aren't serious
    about getting into saltwater big-game fishing. But, if you are planning to
    fish long-range trips more often then you should definitely think about
    investing in some good quality gear. You will thank me someday LOL.

    3 rigs are a good start for first-timers. You always can acquire more tackle

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Either myself, our
    moderators, or other members will have plenty of advice.

    Hello. I am new to the forum. Would like to know where I could find more information on this boat Big E or others like it.
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    Hey FlagTails,

    Try this link for the:

    Big E
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    That's really good information. I will not forget to bring some snacks and bungee cords. THANKS ALOT !!!
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    very informative thanks
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    LOL...this is an old one.

    With Rick, Bellyups, Gunsmoke and Deepseagull....them was the days