ray hubbard bass 11-11-06

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    It was a tough day out there today. North winds about 15-25 all day made for some 2 foot rollers. Thats tough on the "manhood" in a fiberglass bass boat running 60 mph.
    Started off by signing up for a local tournament. Not much, ~$45 to enter as a team. I chose to fish by myself. Tried to make the run from midlake to the dam to fish a brushpile- ended up turning around at the brushpile due to the big waves(wouldnt be able to hold the boat in position with trolling motor). Headed back to midlake, and started working some rock points with a Rapala DT-16(deep diving crank bait). No dice, so I went into a cover I have done good in in the past- no bite. Nothing doing on soft palstics, hard plastics, jigs, or spinnerbaits. I headed over to the I-30 bridge and worked the rip-rap on both sides with no bites.. Getting to be around 9:30. I decided to hit a fwew bridge pilings, and caught a nice 2 lb largemouth on the DT-16. Well I continued that pattern - missing one other about halfway down the bridge. The waves and wind were kicking my tail! Had waves splashing over the bow while trying to hold the boat in some sort of position that would allow me to cast productively. I gave that pattern up, and headed to some wave breakers that protect the Texas Queen marina. Pulled a 13" largemouth off, and nothing else. I tried hitting some more rock points, with no success.
    Its now pushing 1:30 so I run back down to the dam to see if I can get on the brushpile I tried earlier. Still no good. Dangit! I haul buns across the lake and fish a ledge with carolina rig, a jig, and the DT-16. No success there. Its now 1:50. I haul buns back to midlake and try an area I have never been before. Its a bridge (hwy 66) up in the northwest portion of the lake. I hit the rip rap and no takers. Also tried the bridge pilings. Nothing. I turn around and see a line of trees. I head over there and start casting the DT-16 at EVERY stick up I can see. I finally get a reaction strike from a nice 4.5 lb largemouth. In the livewell she goes! I continue this pattern, missing one other fish. It hit so hard it pulled the hooks after stripping drag a few seconds! Fish hit and went deep pulling the line over a tree causing extra drag(why the hooks pulled). Well, I lick my wounds and head to weighin. I end up tieing for 3rd place, but I had the largest bass of my other 3rd place competitor- SO i won $72. Not much, but very fun and a nice little competition.(me solo vs. them teams :)
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    Congratulation SkeeterR.

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    The rip rap over at HWY 66 is very shallow for this time of year. I have caught some good bass off the rip rap and the north side of the bridge, next to the marina's entrance in the spring when they are considering "doing their thing." I know the tree line you are talking about. Caught some nice cats roost fishing there last winter. Winds will be light in the morning, but you may have to bribe a bass to bite. I would be fishing the bridge columns for sure. Congrats on 3rd place. Hubbard is hell for me when I bass fish there. Tough lake.