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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by kidflex, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    ive been getting phone calls lately from random numbers,

    and when i pick up no one is there. i try to call back and i get an message saying that if you would like to be placed on our do not call list please press 1 now. most of the time its a ladys voice, but had one message that was a mans voice. has anyone else experienced this. i dont want to press 1 due to unknown charging that i might get(paranoid from past emails).

    the weird thing is that last night i was discussing this with my girlfriend and i was playing around saying that someone is tapping into my phone line. today she got a call from

    and got the same response when she call back
    and she had never experience this before.

    does any one have similar events or know what this is?
  2. ichibahn

    ichibahn ** Pak Lurah **

    I have same problem but it say "Please enter your social security number or press 1 to removed from call list"
    3 different phone number calling my cellphone everyday for almost 2 months now :mad:

  3. nxtbgctch

    nxtbgctch Senior Member

    I've gotten the same thing. I pressed 1 and they stopped. Its a work phone so no idea if they could of charged something.
  4. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    yeah i get these call everyday. seems like its been 2 months. i still cant believe that it is random since my GF got her 1st one today 12hrs after we talked about it.

    i remember reading about some scam originating in the bahamas where they charge you a ridiculous amount of money . dont remember the details of it and im sure it is different from this but i am still cautious about it.
  5. bigscrnman

    bigscrnman Senior Member

    This started just about two months back when ALL cell phone numbers became public. Something to do with the telemarketing industry writing BIG checks to the Obama campaign and certain other parties in DC. However you can put your cell phone on the national do not call register same as we all did with home phones a few years back. I can tell you it worked for mine, was getting four or five calls a day! Now nothing!
  6. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    quit calling 1-800-HOT-CHIX........... they take down your number and pass-it-along to every friggin' telemarketer in the world
  7. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    dang, mustve been the 1-800-BIG-TIT$ number. lesson learned lol.
  8. fish4stripers

    fish4stripers Senior Member

    put your cell numbers on the do not call, weird calls stopped for me.
  9. mikes

    mikes Senior Member

    The one I get is that "the warranty is about to expire on your recently purchased vehicle"
  10. bigjay282

    bigjay282 Member

    The one I get is that "the warranty is about to expire on your recently purchased vehicle"

    man I get the same [email protected]#$ing calls.:mad:
  11. nxtbgctch

    nxtbgctch Senior Member

    The one I get is that "the warranty is about to expire on your recently purchased vehicle"

    Everyone is getting those too. Even our cells that are used in the office for work only have been getting them. Makes you wonder if the cell company is selling our numbers.
  12. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    I get about ten phone calls a day at work asking:
    "Can I speak with the owner of the business".
    I reply: "Do you have the password"
    They seem dumb founded and say:
    "No, can you give it to me"
    I say:
    "Do you have a pencil ready"
    They usually reply:
    I reply:
    "G- O -F- U- C -K- Y- O- U- R -S -E- L- F"
  13. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    i havent got any. i did register my cell number on teh do not call list 2 years ago.
  14. hstsw

    hstsw Senior Member

    The one I get is that "the warranty is about to expire on your recently purchased vehicle"
    We have been getting the same calls for all our office phones - I tried to press 2 to remove from the list but it didn't work so I waited patiently for the called to get on the phone / ask for her name & supervisor name & request that they stop calling - It seems to help for now.