Ran a couple of trips this weekend in the nice weather we had. Started off with some

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by CaptEddie, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Ran a couple of trips this weekend in the nice weather we had. Started off with some wahoo fishing on friday With Robert Wilson, his wife, and friends. First pass by the second rig was a nice wahoo in the boat. We missed another one then they shut off. About an hour later we had another hit and Sarah put a nice 50 pound hooter in the boat. After that we headed out to a rig to try and tuna fish with no luck. Headed back into the wahoo spots which were covered up with nasty water. Didnt make a difference though as we went 2-4 on wahoo in about an hour and called it a day with 4 nice wahoo in the boat and a happy crew. Most of the action was on orange and black.

    On day two we had a late start due to one guy still asleep when I pulled up to the dock to pick em up. OOPS. Got him rounded up and we left and headed to the west. Started out 1-2 on wahoo and then hit a dead spot in the middle of the day. Couldnt buy another bite until around two when we pulled up to a rig in brown water and hooked up on a 60 pound yellowfin. That was a nice surprise. Picked up another pair of wahoo there before they shut off and we called it a day with three wahoo and a yellowfin. Wasnt exactly superhot this weekend but there were enough fish out there that were willing to bite to make it worth a run.






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    Nice reports and pics Capt. Eddie! Like they say, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day of workin' in the office." :) Wish I was out there fishing in brown water right now :)

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    good to see you've been able to get out, sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!
    say hi to Will!
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