Rainshadow Stand-up/Trolling Blanks

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by Jason4606, Mar 10, 2009.

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    I've seen some posts asking the merits of various rainshadow blanks, and I have a couple inshore models now that I'm really happy with.

    Now I want to build a stand-up/rail/trolling rod for my Accurate B2-30 with 120lb braid. I'll likely spiral wrapped w/SiC guides. (Not sure which model yet?) This will be my heaviest rig so it needs some backbone.

    But there's no way I can fish with 30+lbs of drag for very long. Thinking 25-28lb at strike with room to go higher when needed. I don't want to be under-gunned. But I really don't want to have the snot beat out of me by a broomstick beast of a rod either!

    I found a couple of threads talking about the virtues of Calstar 6460M & H, and thought the H might be a good match. Then when I was searching for prices I found the new Rainshadow Stand-up/trolling blanks...

    First of all, am I on the right page with 6460H? If so, will any of the Rainshadow models match up favorably to it? If not, is another model better?

    I know that there's more to this than just picking the heaviest blank... But even if I could try to bend these in person I wouldn't know what the heck I should be looking for! :eek: So thanks for the guidance...:)