Rainshadow Blanks???

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by red34, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Does anyone have any experience with these blanks? I'm wanting to build a speck/red popping rod. I've been told that Waterloo and Laguna are using these blanks in their rods, but I've never held a rod from either of those companies (sucks being a saltwater guy in Dallas).
  2. Cudakilla

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    Batson makes a good blank. The Rainshadow series seem to be getting popular. Waterloo used to use only Gloomis blanks and then later only St Croix. I personally am a very big fan of St Croix blanks as they are straight, very light, sensitive and strong.

    Almost all my rods are from the original Waterloo company using only St Croix blanks. I am not sure what blanks they use now after they were sold off to another Texas company.

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    contact Ron @ BarBar rods.
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    Rainshadow/batson make great blanks but out of the ones you mentioned I'd jump all over the Laguna. When you get it made put the titanium recoil guides on it and it will last a lifetime, or until you slam it in your tailgate! :D Also, if you are looking for custom I would check out the bill stix. he makes some great custom inshore rods. I personal favorite off the shelf rod though that is at a ridiculously low price are the Stick 'Em rods. they are built a few miles from my house here and they are my go to rods. the tail special series they have are my favorite as they have a very soft tip on them that allows you to make a tout tail dance but still has the back bone to land bigger reds. Their action is almost parabolic and you can really work artificial baits well and last time I bought one they are only $89 a piece!


    contact Ron @ BarBar rods.

    I have had several offshore rods built by Ron and I've ben impressed with everyone of them. When red34 mentioned waterloo and laguna it makes me think more about trout rods than offshore rods.. I talked to ron one time about making me a trout rod and he said he would but being from Illinois (I believe) he didn't really know what I was looking for.
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    I plan on building the rod myself. My cousin has built several of these rods from the P844 and P845 GLoomis blanks. He told me that the 844 was a little whippy. I want a fast tip and a little more backbone so I'd definately be using the P845 or the IP844 - IP845 from Baston.

    Which St Croix blank would yall recommend with these specs? I love their production rods.
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    the rod maker for all star left the company many years ago (when All star was good) and started making blanks for rainshadow. the rainshadow blanks are excellent!
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    I have a brand new IP844 that I'm building soon for Spanish/Pompano/etc... and it is much "whippier" than I expected... It is a very nice and VERY light blank, and think it will be OK for what I'm doing.

    But I definitely don't think the 845 would be too heavy. I actually wish I had it instead. That topwater taper is much lighter tipped than what I expected from an 8-17lb blank.