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    I’m looking to buy Hard foregrip for rail rod look like the picture. Does anyone know to where I can get it.Thanks

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    3M cold shrink.
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  3. vunguyen

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    Thank you
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    My last 3 tuna rail rods I used hydraulic hose for the foregrip. It is a bit heavier but is indestructible and also grips the rail crazy good whether or not fish/bait slime is on the rail... That can be a fish saver.... Quite sticky a matter of fact.

    The forward hydraulic hose is made by "Parker" and the hose series is "Lance" 250 PSI

    I will not get anything else on a rail rod, the rod pictured is a Super Seeker 1x3 and I run 100 JB hollow spectra and 80 to 100 lb fluoro wind on by Basil depending on if for bait or jig. The set up is for deep jigging with an Avet HXW 5/3 raptor 3 speed. 5.4:1 high speed and around 2.5 mid gear and 1.5:1 in low. The wide spool and hi speed makes this a killer jig rod for deep tuna using glow in the dark PL68... or a wahoo mangler with a raider 125 on it...

    I can get more you hydraulic hose info if needed rod builders....


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