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Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Bret, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Well, made a quick trip to deer camp with my daughter sat afternoon. Betsi had girls night out with her friends so I decided that Jade and I needed some hunting time. Loaded the 4wheeler and headed out after lunchtime. The cold front had passed when we got there with 15-25kt north wind.. My buddy Bob was already there. We decided we would all hunt together. Jade and I in my pop up blind(jade calls it her tent) and Bob in his brush blind.
    We had just settled in when a lone Turkey comes waltzing in. I never picked up my Bow but Bob was getting ready to shoot, when his arrow comes unknocked... Got it re-knocked and let one fly, just missing the fat hen.
    Jade was so excited about seeing the turkey that she fell asleep in my lap. So I laid her down in her Nemo sleeping back for the rest of the hunt. The wind never let up and we only had one skinny doe come in..
    Sunday morning came around and it was 33 degrees with 5-10mph north wind.. I didnt think is was going to get below the mid 40s,and didnt pack enough warm stuff for Jade, so we slept in. We fished a little after getting up and only had some nibbles.. Jade is 3yrs old and hasnt quite gotten the hook set thing down yet, but she is working on it. We refilled the feeders and worked on some stands getting ready for gun season in a couple of weeks. It was a great weekend hanging out and telling hunting stories to Jade. We didnt see too many animals, but I didnt expect to with Jade stomping around in my blind.
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    :) Quality time my friend. Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing bret. Not as exciting as some of the past post but its always fun to get out. She is tough to be able to put up with the weather we had this last weekend, it was cold. One of my partners in the tourney this last weekend whined the whole time about how cold he was. If he had been with you, you probably wouldnt have even seen the one turkey.
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    Those are great times, thanks for sharing
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    That trip is for your memories, don't ever forget them.