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Monday morning Russ, Chad, and I were back at it. Decided to go give the A28 area a try. First hit the wellhead there and got a quick limit of snapper. Nothing remarkable, just good solid keepers. No problems with triggers, just make a drop and pull up a keeper. Russ got an undersized AJ to boot. Moved over to the TP&W Reef and tried some not so alive hardtail hoping for a better AJ. Not even a bump. Moved in a little to the Capt. T wreck and it was trigger city. Big old triggers that would pull drag off the Penn 330's. Decided to head in early to make up for a late start. Got going earlier today having decided to make a long(for us) run to Salvador Ridge area. The seas were calm and the time passed quick for the 56 miles. Looked like it was going to be a good day when the first drop brought up a nice snapper around 10lbs and the second a yellow mouth grouper about the same size. Moved around a bit and marked more fish not far away. Chad and Russ made more drops while I set out a drift line. Within minutes the drift line went off, really hard. It was only then I realized the Penn 550ssg spinner on a medium rod might not be the thing to use out there. The spool was down to only a few turns of line a couple of times but we got the fish to the boat. I haven't caught many big kings but this one was BIG. Took quite a bit of grunt to get him over the rail. Hunted around some more and found a spot that was covered with b liners. Russ and I got our fill and Chad hauled a bunch with one around 4lbs. Russ got a nice dog snapper and more kings at the same spot. Noticed that a bunch of grey snapper were following the boat while drifting but we couldn't get them to bite anything. A couple ling came around and Chad hooked a nice one but broke him off after a couple seconds. Headed in on nearly glassy seas until we hit the muddy water and floating trees near the jetty. Going back tomorrow to work on the boat and get ready for the next trip. Bert


way to go bert and russ. i am glad to see that someone at least got to get offshore. i can tell by the smile on your son's face that he is hooked...rick
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