Question on Rod/Reel setup

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by JW67, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. JW67

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    Currently living in Madagascar so my tackle shops are none existent, and shopping for rods on the internet is pretty difficult.
    Looking to purchase a JM Power Spell 400gram for my Ocea Jigger 4000p. Anybody have any feedback? Would this be a good choice for the price and for the reel, or can anybody recommend something different. Thanks a lot
  2. SteelingHeads

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    OTI Rods will come pretty highly recommended, but a JM Power Spell is an awesome rod! What are you targeting?

  3. JW67

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    I have heard good things about the OTI rods, the only problem is I like the way the grip looks on the Power Spell. Mainly targeting Amberjacks and Kingfish, we have just started Jigging over here off the coast of Madagascar and I hooked up with my first Dog Tooth Tuna lastweek, it was a small one, but I am sure there is a larger one lurking.
  4. Ruud4u

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    Hello JW67!

    You've got some nice waters to target fish.
    The rod/reel set-up of choice is depending on what min-max weight of the jigs intended to use.
    ALL of the JM rods are great...superb!
    No-one ever broke one on a fish, they're very forgiving on the angler (you) during jigging itself, have a tremendous backbone and fight the fish with ease.

    Right now I'm having a 350 BC Custom made by JM at slightly higher cost to a "normal" production Power-Spell.
    This rod will handle jigs from 250-400 gr. with ease and comfort (this is my second JM-rod to pair with my Custom JM-150).

    Just send an inquiry to the JM guys at (Pony Liu) and let him inform you and help you out (you can order "factory direct" if wanted, since you lack tackleshops at Madagascar...)
    For a good and honest, experienced based opinion you might as well contact (PM) Ksong (owner of at this forum or at

    To satisfy your curiousity, if wanted, I can send you some pics of my 150 set-up, or the 350 combo when the rod arrives....just let me know!

    Good luck and tight lines....