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Question before my trips.

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Ill be going on the Pesca on a 36 and 60hr trip in 11/10 and the 30th respectively. I know it aint the Big E but supposedly even the 36 is heading the floater direction so its all fisshing haha.
At any rate what size fluoro should I use for my chunk leaders, and what size and brand hooks? Im ust going to chunk with my SLD and jig wit my LX and might bring my SX just cause in case we really dont fish the floaters also. What lb. fluoro should i use as leaders for my jigs? How many jigs do you all bring when you go out. I just want to get 2-3 diamonds then maybe 5 of assorted colors...any favorite colors?

Thanks alot, I know this is a lot of Questions but after I pick up my check next week after a double back im off to do some buying at roys.

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hey thanks for all the help guys, but from the looks of the forecast for 60miles out this weekend, being that this trip going to the floaters is contigent on the weather....i think ill just pack my tld 25 and be ready for some nice bottom fishing. who knows though, supposed to be 6-8;s but i gues that could be different at floaters and on course to floaters.

got my spheros 14000, sld20, and tld 25 at ready, gonna do a little tackle shopping tomorrow after school, proly just gonna take the sld and make do with jigging and chunking on that rod, dont wanna keep track of 3 rods.

cant wait to get out there and wet a line for the 1st time since january:rolleyes:

what are you gonna do if the sld fails??? 3 rods are easy to keep in the milk crate....
i got the tld packed came to my senses made a dumb decision on buying for leaders size of mono but ill just redo on the 12hr ride out with the boats 100lb mono.

im still way green so hopefully noones expecting a report with tunas haha

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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