Question about Varivas Line. (Big One)

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by DanSparx, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. DanSparx

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    Heya guys,

    Just have a query or question about one of the Varivas products on the market. I'm looking to filling up my Stella 20k Sw spool with Varivas Avani Big One Max Power PE5 - 78lb, looking to fit as much braid as I can onto the reel and still be able to use 18lb at lowest and normally 20-25lb's of drag. Would like to be able to fit close to 500m's or more if possible as the spool would not just be used for jigging, but for chasing other pelagics in the off season. I'm using 2 spools on this setup, also it's being used on a 52xh Hots if anybody was wondering.

    Any comments/thoughts or suggestions on braid to use are welcome,

    Thanks in advance,


    P.s. I'm from Australia, so it's a little difficult to find most of the jigging items to test before buying from Overseas, any advice is appreciated.
  2. gman

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    Dan ... I currently have that line on my jigging set up which is a stella 2000PG. So far so good its held up but I use PE6 not PE5. I feel PE5 is too light for my personal style of fishing as I like to use heavier drag PLUS you will never use all that extra braid so in my mind I would rather harness the power of my reels drag capabilities than just fill up the spool. But too each their own. Either way the line seems to be good, very soft and limp and easy to tie with

    Good choice on the jigging rod, I loved my 52XH when i had it

  3. DanSparx

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    Hey Glen,

    I'm loving the Hots ever since I got it, and had it bent plenty of times on some great fish over here.

    Any idea how much PE6 of the line you were able to fit on the spool tightly packed down? I'm currently using 100lb high seas braid that I had lying around and running upto 30lbs drag for jigging in close to stop most of the fish as quick as possible.

    I usually try to stick to jigging in under 150m of water, but there are some good sea mounts out another 50-60nm out of where we normally fish which come upto 350m-400m deep. Just very curious to try dropping jigs around these sometime and see what lurks below.

    Also trying to get as much line capacity as I can on the reel for the off jigging season for chasing some big blue and black marlin on the same setup. Would most likely go down to a mono top-shot onto wind-on leader in this case and use all the braid just like dacron on the spool just for line capacity if it was needed. Mostly looking at trying this setup because quite a few people this season got spooled on 130lb Tiagra's and I want to try my luck with spinning gear and switch baiting instead of traditionally trolling lures/baits and having to wait to clear the deck to chase the fish.

    Wouldn't really mind loosing a few spools of line trying to achieve this but it's just something I'm trying to do in the off jigging season for some thrills.

    Appreciate all the info and replies!

  4. ksong

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    It depends on how much drag you use. I wouldn't go over 22 lbs drag with Varivas Avani Big One PE5. I used Varivas Big One PE5 on my small JM PE4 reel and I want at least 300 meter on the reel. I caught 90 lbs, 130 lbs and 150-160 lbs bluefin with it, but I used only 20 lbs drag.
    I have been using YGK's Ultra Jigman lines, I had a vew failures by believing the claim of breaking point. Even Varivas claim the breaking point is 78 lbs for PE5, I don't trust it. It would be safer to regard the breaking point is about 60 lbs and adjust the drag accordingly.
  5. kidflex

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    i think that was the suspected problem with ygk ultra jigman lines(many reported mysterious break offs). i think the line is great its just we all used them for their stated breaking strength instead of treating pe5 like 50lb braid. ive used it since and lessened drag and had no problems.
  6. Boston Tangler

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    Kil - what do you think the breaking strength of the Diawa PE line that I got from you on Sunday is?

    I have spooled my JM PE4 with Tuff Line XP #65 and I am thinking of spooling the Gorilla 12C with the Diawa. The gorilla is rated to 40 lbs of drag and I will use it on an OTI 7'6" 60-80 so not more than #24 of drag is the rods rating is the line overkill - maybe ?
  7. BretABaker

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    dan are you talking 12c or 12?
  8. Boston Tangler

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    Bret they are all 12 Compacts (12C) they all have the older style curved handle which I prefer... They also send over one of their new spinning reels I think its called a 5000 - very nice not sure how much drag but doing to try that as well.