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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by manu, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. manu

    manu Active Member

    I understand that under the rules of Tuna 360 a new member is not allow to sell any item in the "Sell, Buy" section/forum. My question is if its allow to post tackle for sale on another forum of Tuna 360?

  2. Kim

    Kim Senior Member

    I don't think so but best thing to do is knock out the number of required post and then you can just post in the for sale section. The reason behind this is to curtail scammers.
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  3. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    If a place has rules that you know about, why try to circumvent them? :rolleyes:
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  4. manu

    manu Active Member

    I do not think my post was looking or implied for a way to circumvent the rules. I just wanted to clarify that if that rule applies exclusively to the Buy and Sell forum. I find your answer disrespectful.
  5. manu

    manu Active Member

    Thank Mr. Kim, appreciate your advice.
  6. Tidetraveller

    Tidetraveller Senior Member

    By naming convention, it would stand to reason that the Buy Sell Trade forum is for buying, selling and trading. Whereas the other forums are for what their naming conventions imply - namely things other than BST.

    Nothing wrong with asking. Also worth noting, I didn’t find BNZ’s reply particularly disrespectful - your post could be taken as looking for a loophole - no one knows your intent other than you.

    BTW, Welcome to 360 Tuna!
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  7. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    the answer is NO. the reason for this is that generally most members here would like to
    buy from people they know and trust and have built relationships with, rather than not.
    a few years back, we had a trusted member rating system for frequent private sellers
    as well as paid sponsorships from commercial vendor/members. the reason for that was we have been ripped off, collectively, by many new and trusted members in the past.
    that has all gone by the wayside with the last sale, so as a member group we have decided
    that memberships younger than 6 months without good all-around thread participation do not have sales privileges.
    I hope this doesn't detract from your participation here, we have a good group that shares
    good info, and some other stuff too.
    Welcome to 360tuna !!
  8. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    Good thing you didn't post this question over on a forum like The Hull Truth, you would have been roasted, and ripped a new one, then roasted again over and over for asking a question like this. What would you do with your feelings then? I think it was pretty obvious what I stated. You know the rules, and were asking about buying and selling, on other sections here, thus circumventing the rules. Your question has been answered above, as obvious as it should have been to you.

    Let me guess, even though you see the sign on the road that says "slower traffic keep right", you think it's okay to drive slow in the fast lane, don't you?
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  9. day0ne

    day0ne Senior Member

    Or Bloody Decks
  10. manu

    manu Active Member

    Thank you all for answering my question in more detail, its clear to me the reasons behind to protect members, and the steps I have to follow in order to gain the privilege & trust to buy and sell in Tuna 360, which is not really my primary for joining this forum. I have found very useful information here and hopefully I will be able to contribute with some useful information in the future as well. Thank you for the welcoming! Manuel
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  11. Stevo

    Stevo Well-Known Member

    Those old timers are salty SOBs but they had way more frauds over there than any other forum I know
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  12. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    There is a way to expedite your selling privileges.

    You simply cut off your index finger from your left hand,
    and priority mail it to the moderator- Liteliner
    This displays your commitment to the site
    and your pledge to buy/trade/sell honestly,
    and you are granted immediate selling privilege.

    Something to consider.
  13. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    that's a lie.......

    it's the right ring finger.
    sure wish you'd get your facts straight.......:D
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  14. a1flyfishr

    a1flyfishr Retired Member

    Now I’m confused. I better send both fingers.

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  15. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    I'm just another purveyor of #fakenews

    Sorry, I can't help it being from a coastal elite liberal state.