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pv mexico 2008

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Looking to make pv trip oct 2008. does any one know places to stay in Punta de Mita? capt to fish with? Any information would be great. Thanks Bruce
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Most of the captains I know are in PV the major boats are

-the Marla ( Ozuna brothers)
-the Pacifico (Capt. Manny)
-the Primetime ( Capt. Josh)
-the Top Gun ( Juan Moll)

Try visiting the Bloodydecks board, they have a big section on reports from Mexico! After seeing those reports you'll be wanting to go NOW! Gman is right on in his assessment of boats and captains! Myself, StxFisherman and Bellyup will be there at that time on the Top Gun, so maybe we'll see you on one of the other boats.

Tom - DBG
Why do you want to stay in Punta de Mita? It is so out of the way that you will be limited as what to do after fishing. It is true that it is closer to the fishing grounds but there is a life after fishing. Most guys who fish out of Punta either pay the bucks to Josh Temple ( $2000 + per day pm s 40ft Cabo)or they scrimp by fishing one of the pangas out of Punta. If you want a really super panga, then there are a couple of outfits out of PV that will give you a lot of bang for the bucks. PM me and I'll give you my choices. If looking for one of the fast boats, then the list previously given to you has some of the best listed.
The only reason to stay in Punta Mita is to be closer to the action but your also further away from the fleet and the night life ha ha The majority of all the capatins fish from PV. You will have more options
Part of the fun of PV is the choosing of a restaurant to have dinner at. Just love to go to Centro for dinner on the bus. The bus ride is just 40cents one way and is the best bargain in PV. Next year I will be staying in La Cruz for a couple of days and PV for the rest of the trip.
If you were staying in Puerto Vallarta and already had a rental jeep would there be any sence in driving to punta de mita to go fishing out of there? More fishing time, cheaper rates with less gas?
the rates are actually more out of Punta Mita for most cases becuase the higher end captains are there unless you go in a panga
Our last trip in November 2007 was with three guys and our wives. We needed an upscale place to stay but did not want to stay in a hotel. We rented a condo in Marina Vallarta that had 3 bedrooms and 4 baths. It was ideal for us as the condo was on the water and literally steps from the slips. We had the boats pick us up at the end of an empty slip each morning and dropped us off afterwards. The wives all had access to the facilities and a couple of blocks off the main highway with easy access to downtown and the malecon for forty cents. That extra hour of travel on the boat made little difference to us as the convenience to downtown each day made up for it. If you are traveling with family, the marina vallarta area is ideal. Next year I will be traveling alone so I will probably stay in La Cruz where Marla fleet is located. Still not too far from downtown.
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Thanks guys, for all the info, I think we have most everything lined out at this point. We have danny osnua for offshore and danny gomez for some inshore fishing. I think we will try to do the condo thing in marina vallarta. The wives would enjoy have a little more stuff ie shopping around and think this area would have a little more to offer. thanks again Bruce
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