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    Headed down to PV with my wife last week to stay for a week and change in Punta Mita. The 4 seasons was having a great special so we had to try it out. Absolutely great place, but very expensive.

    I talked to Captain Lora last week and he had an opening for 8/29 so we headed out to El Banco. Lora runs a 28' super panga. The tuna bite was just turning on, but he assured me the cows are around. The weather was great all week but hot, the seas were about 2'-3' at 14 seconds all week. I really wanted to get my wife out since she had never been fishing, and this seemed like the time and place.

    Saturday morning we get up and leave Punta Mita around 6:30 as the sun is coming up. We are greated by 4'-5' at 8 seconds, so I think I really made a mistake here and I will be paying for it (with my wife). She was tough all day and it took us about 2 hours to run the 28 miles to El Banco

    We had a hard time catching skipjack for bait, but managed a few and started trolling. An our or so later we hook up the first yellowfin which ran about 60 lbs. I made my wife fight it for a while and she gained a new appreciation for the power of the tuna!

    The second yf around 80 lbs, and the third around 100 lbs. Laura has top knotch gear and has mostly avets. These fish were caught on light set ups. I am not an avet guy so I don't know the reels, but they were little.

    About 5 minutes after I boat the 100 lb fish the 6 lb skipjack goes bang on the 50W and the 100 lb braid goes screaming off of it. I grab the rod, get a good hook set and hold on. Lora sets the strike drag around 20 so we bump it to 27-28 and get ready. The fish hangs for a few minutes and we know it is a good yellowfin to eat that large of a bait. I find out it is a lot larger when it gets pissed and starts shaking its head like a raging bull. It then takes 200 yards at 28 lbs in about 25 seconds and shakes its head again for 15-20. Since there is only a 5' section of flouro I can feel this fish due to no stretch on the braid and it is an absolute monster. Takes another 200 yards, shakes its head. In my mind I start to have doubts about our ability to land this thing. Takes another 200 yards. The braid is getting low on the reel and I am worried about getting spooled. At this point the fish is around 750 yards out. Takes off again and we bump it a little over 30. We stop the fish, I gain some line, maybe 100 yards over 15 minutes and the hook pulls. I double checked the drags and everything was where it was supposed to be. Lora says cows are hard to land. He told me this fish was well over 250 and likely 300+. I cannot begin to describe the power of this fish, it was simply amazing. I am still sick about this right now..........

    I will add that we were bridling the skippies using 11/0 VMC J hooks as the marlin bite was good all week, he opted not for circles but I told him that was cool with me. I guess a lot of marlin are lost on circle hooks, but obviously we all prefer circles for tuna. Just putting that out there, no angst about it.

    Lora and deckhand Largo are excellent. You cannot do better than them. I will go back next year and fish a few days with them and get this fish. It was a great day on the water, and my wife had a ball. Enjoy the pics...

    I forgot to add Largo and I casted everything in the arsenal all day and couldn't buy a lure bite. We saw a few bust the water, but no takers or even bites.

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    Beautiful yellows and nice rainbow. hope to get my wife out sometime. They say mexico is on sale right now. True?

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    Great write-up. I'd like to get my wife to particpate in something like that.

    Do you have any suggestions/advice on the travel hassels, monetary hassels, etc. Sounds like you used the provided fishing gear and did not bring your own. Is that correct?

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    I brought my tuna sniper 60-80 and spinning reel and a lot of lures. I used all their bait equipment. I knew we wouldn't jig so I didn't bother. As far as travel, it wasn't a bad at all. I made a case out of PVC pipe and it worked pretty well.
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    Kidflex, Rtran and I will be fishing w Capt Lora on our 3rd day there, this Friday. We've got another Capt the first 2 days. Hope we have as good a trip as you had. We'll post up when we get back.

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    good report txcards. Fred, you are ready for 100 kg. ;)
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    We'll see. We're each taking popping and jigging gear and supposed to fish Roca Corbetena and El Banco each day. I'd love to get the hookup and go to war with a big fish. WE're flying out tomorrow morning and fishing Weds, Thurs, and Fri.

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    greg did you guys do any bottom fishing?
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    Bret - No bottom fishing, I really only wanted to catch tuna. We dropped a half skippy to try to catch a pargo, but that was when we jigged for skippies. The concentration was on tuna.

    Fred - Good luck to you guys. That bite I got from a cow was the only cow bite at El Banco that entire day between about 10 boats. Lora will put you on the fish.

    If you hook the fish I hooked on spinning tackle you are going to be in trouble...... He put the screws to me with a 50w and a 5.5' rod. I wouldn't want to be holding an 8.5' stick and have that fish. I think you may end up in the water if you tighten down the drag on your stella, and the fish doesn't burn it up.

    The water temp and whatever is happening down there causes the tuna to fight really hard. When I hooked the 60 lb fish I thought it was 80 and the 80 I thought was 100+ and the 100 lb fish I thought to be bigger as well. We catch fish in the GOM with no bottom, and even though it is shallow they fight like crazy...