PV 10-26 and 10-28 Captain Chuy.

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    To start off with, Chuy Gorrillas is the best panga capntain I havve ever used!

    We left Marina Vallarta Sunday morning to Punta Mita to meet Captain Chuy.
    We made our way out just before the sun started to hit the top of the mountains.
    About 1/2 way to Corbatena we stopped atsome kind of big pallet floating to cast a few poppers. My first cast with a Frenzy popper yielded about a 25lb Bull Dorado, no shortage of acrobatics. My dad then caught his girlfriend on the next cast with and OTI Komado. Bam, 2 fish in the box on 2 casts.

    We cast a few more times with nothing to show and decided to push on in search of the tuna.
    We make a fast run the rest of the way to Corbatena.
    We pulled up to the Marla as Danny had brought bait out for us.
    While we were picking up cabbies there was tuna and skipjack busting the surface everywhere.

    I started casting my popper and on cast number 5 I have a blow up then a hook up. I put the first tuna in the boat after 5 mins. Small 30#er.
    We put 2 more 25-30# range in the next 10 minutes.

    We casted and jigged for another hour or so with nothing to show. We decided it was time tp put out the cabbies.

    we set up a drift and put out the kite with a pair and put out 4 live ones on flat lines out the back.

    It didnt take more than 10 mins for the first rod to go off. We had taken our own tackle and it was my dads rod that went off. As he is getting setup with his harness the next rod goes off. My dad buddy jumps in the chair and starts getting a workout as the tuna was hook on an Avet LX and a trevala rod.
    Dad is making circles around the boat doing the Tuna shuffle. THe second tuna went into death circles almost immediately... We couldnt really move the boat to chase the other tuna down.
    Finnally after 30-40 min tuna 1 hits the deck. Wieghed at 90#. Sweet!
    Everyone was excited until my dad yells "there is only like 50 yards left on my spool!!!!"
    Chuy turned the boat around and started chasing. We go a good bit of line back and the tuna turned to circles. Dad put the reel in low gear and started pumping him up. By this point he is sweating so much and breathing hard I am worried he won't make it through the fish. At one point he looks over and says "you're going to have to take this in a min." I told him there was no way. He was gonna fight the fish on his own.
    After 15 min more we had color. It was big! Real Big!
    The tuna made 2 more small runs before hitting the surface and having a gaff in his head.
    We were all yelling and hollering for a while. Very exciting...

    The fishing was slow for a few hours. I caught a couple skippies jigging and we tried chunking them for a while but we couldnt get anything to bite.

    We drifted by a big log and hit a few more dorado on poppers but still no more tuna.
    Chuy finally decided that there was probably not going to be much action at about 4. We need more ice for the fish anyways so we headed in.

    At the panga marina people were all wacthing as Chuy and the deck hand started to unload the cow. Amazing sight!

    Monday, our second day of fishing we had to find the meat market on the way to Punta Mita to have our previous days catch vac sealed and frozen. Everyone wanted to take some home.
    WE got to the dock about an hour late.:(

    We headed straight out to Corbatena and put out the cabbies. First hook up was on the kite.... Two dorados on one rod. Pretty cool to see them swim in unison as the were brought in.

    Next one of the back lines went off and I grabbed it and yanked up a nice 80# tuna. OK we are back on track. Wrong. We only had one other tuna the whoel day around 25#. We fished very hard with not a lot to show. Then at the very end of the day we found a bunch of birds working. My brother got a taker on a live cabbie and I started casting a popper. Had a big blow up!
    Thought I had a little tuna and it ended up being my personal best Dorado.
    My brother pulled in his personal best tuna at 80#.

    This was an awesome trip for all of us. Everyone caught fish and Dad caught a by far personal best YFT.
  2. BretABaker

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    thats awesome man, congrats to you and your dad.

    what did the big one weigh out at?

  3. STx Fisherman

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    Nice report. Thanks for the pics....very good trip.
  4. Bellyups

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    Holy cow! Great pics!
  5. SpecialK

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    thats awesome man, congrats to you and your dad.

    what did the big one weigh out at?
    Well we taped it at 267. The captain said we would wiegh it whe we got in but the guy who was supposed to have the scale was not around so we didnt get to...:(
  6. SpecialK

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    One other ting I will say is that it requires a lot more work to bring back fish from PV that it does in Cabo...
  7. Bret

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    Good job man.. nice tuna!!!!
  8. JerseyBrian

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    sounds like a kickass trip!
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    great report and outstanding trip. thanks for the nice photo's. i wish i was there now instead of at the first of this month. you never know for sure when lady luck is going to smile on you. glad the oti poppers worked for you....rick
  10. SpecialK

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    We always use the OTI.
    I tend to jump cak and forth between the OTI and Frenzy. The frenzy can act like a subsurface lure if you let them sink for a sec before retrieving...
    I am planning on trying to make 2 trips next year.
    Maybe we can make a 360 tuna trip. Just charter a few pangas and go!

    BFTMASTER Senior Member

    Special K, About how much was the panga trip? If I can't get on a decent Trip in Texas, I might consider Mexico for a couple days of panga fishing. $1000.00
    for a trip on Big-E, or a week in mexico with the wife and awesome fishing?
    You're dads tuna is nice!! Good to experience Dad out doing Son!! You can beat them sometimes, but dads always one up ya>
  12. SpecialK

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    Haha... I ussually out do him but only because I work harder. Old guys have less stamina...not only in fishing:D
    If we were both the same age he probably put meto shame. When he was my age he was laying 40 square of shingles a day to make ends meet. Now he is a little more well off and takes advantage....:)

    We spent around $1100 a person including 2 days [email protected] 700 per day. That was for 4 people.
    The hotel was only $32 per night. The trick is to find some cheap flights. Its easier to find flights to cabo...

    I definately recommend Chuy. He is a great fisherman.
  13. SkeeterRonnie

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    Ron at Bar Bar Tackle will be happy to hear that beast was caught on one of his rods :) I was there in spirit with yall :) My name was still on the rod :) SkeeterRonnie means "good luck" in swahili - Dr Shark's friend with the purple balls blessed that rod :)
  14. SpecialK

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    Ron at Bar Bar Tackle will be happy to hear that beast was caught on one of his rods :) I was there in spirit with yall :) My name was still on the rod :) SkeeterRonnie means "good luck" in swahili - Dr Shark's friend with the purple balls blessed that rod :)
    HAHA that was the rods true crescening.(sp?) He had not caught a fish with it yet!
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    nice! thats a big frickin fish
  16. Bolo

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    Nice catch Special K and to your dad. :)
  17. gman

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    nice fish glad to meet you down there for the 5 minutes you looked familiar to me as well. Had my shot came up empty would have been epic on my popper but at least you guys scored big, no one else in the fleet did good
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    K, what did the panga trip cost you?
  19. rtran

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    I'd recommend going with Lora. His rate is 650 for 10 hour. Don't think you will need that much but it sure would be fun.