Putting Braid on a Reel

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by bighead, Nov 6, 2006.

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    I seem to remember there can be problems with slipping if this is not done right. I've heard that you should put a couple of wraps of electrical tape on the spool to start. Anybody know the right way to get the line attached? Bert
  2. Minnow

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    I use vet-wrap at the spool, tie 3ft bimini twist. Use your double line and tie offshore swivel knot at the spool. JMO

  3. Brewgod

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    Scotch tape, why get complicated?
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    Welcome aboard brewgod.

    There are many ways to spool line into reel, this is just my way.
    I have only been spooled by UFO once and I learned my leason.
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    Minnow:w/that connection,I hope someone had a leash on you!LOL BTW: I still haven't gotten my big Fin-Nor yet.
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    There may be no right way; but, there are some things to think about:
    --1. How strong does it have to be; diff answers for 40# and 130#
    --2. Is the spool scored or does it have a pin/stud in it--if so, fewer traction issues
    --3. There are credible, left coast stories of vetwrap slipping and electrical tape turning gooey, oozing and slipping with heat/age.
    --4. Some very picky guys report beginning by tying on short underwraps of either dacron or mono; and, some even splice the spectra to the dacron or insert mono into the spectra 6-8 ft and then JB glue it.
    --5. Just as impt as how you attach it to the spool is laying it in straight and loading it w/constant tension of about 5-7lbs. I load line first to a large offshore reel then load from that onto the target reel, using the drag of the first reel. However, doing it this way, you will find (maybe no surprise) that torque is constant but line tension is not. You have to monitor the drag setting to keep line tension w/in the target range. Doesn't have to be too precise;you can tell when line tension has changed significantly (3-4 changes while loading a Penn Intl 30).
    --6. Do not set tension on spectra by pinching the line with your fingers (w/ or w/o gloves or water or towel). This generates heat which can damage spectra.
    --7. Trust a tackle store hand to do it, only if you would trust him/her to tie your knots.