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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by njnicka, May 27, 2008.

  1. njnicka

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    Just found out i'm going to Punta Cana in April, so I wanted to start researching how the fishing is down there? Anyone have any experience fishing down there and if so what and how are they catching.
    Nick A
  2. Anuvat

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    Nick, I was there this past April. I had a private charter by myself for a half day with "Punta Cana Fishing". I gotta tell ya, I've NEVER gotten sea sick in my life but the swells were just RIDICULOUS that day, I swallowed my own yak 3 times. Managed however, to get 2 Dorados(35#,42#) on a baby runboh and my Smith80p/35. That was the whole day. They say White Marlin is hot around that time and I truly wanted to get one on plug but we didn't see even one. So if you don't mind HUGE swells(and they tell me it's quite normal)they have big Dorados, and if you decide against it, well, it's a beautiful country.

  3. gman

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    hated it there, bad weather, bad fishing, bad time