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Good advice here!

If I may add:

If you're dropping 400', you will want some big jigs in the 350-450g range. If there's heavy current, even the 450 will be a challenge to get down without too much scope.

A tip that I've found to be extremely helpful when dropping jigs in deep water: if you're trying to get to the bottom quickly, give the line just a little resistance. If you're using a conventional, lightly thumb the spool, and if you're using spinning, give it a delicate pinch as it comes off the reel. This keeps the jig vertical instead of fluttering like crazy in the current, which helps it get down quicker and straighter. You may get less hits on the drop if there are fish showing up on the sonar suspended, but it'll,get you to the bottom with a better angle/less scope out.

What reels you using? Spinning? Convench?
Where in ny ya from? I'm an LI'er, myself.
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