Puerto Vallarta fishing report November

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    Puerto Vallarta fishing report November

    From the Punta Mita to El Farro the fishermen coming down to fish in Puerto Vallarta Mexico have one thing on their mind. Marlin and sailfish. The sailfish is sought after for so many incredible reasons, one being the fastest fish in the oceans up to 75 miles an hour. Two it’s of the most beautiful fish you’ll ever see and three the amazing jumps along with the fight of your life before coming to the boat. If you’re looking for sailfish action November right here in Puerto Vallarta is where you should be.[​IMG]
    We have many different options for catching these beautiful fish. One of our most popular trips is the 28-foot twin motor Super panga. This is a fast boat and can’t get you out there where the action is with a limited amount of people. ( 4 anglers max ) We also have several offshore boats Liker 32-foot mid-size range boat great for medium size groups. The most requested boat that we have are the 40 Footers for offshore can take on any kind of weather and are very comfortable to fish in the offshore conditions. To be able to catch one of these great sailfish or Marlin we basically just need to know when you’ll be coming and how many people will be in your group. With this fishing information, we can figure out which boat is a perfect fit for you.
    When fishing for sailfish and Marlin there are several primary things you should check. The water clarity is one of the most important factors. These pelagic fish love the Deep cobalt blue water in 74-degree weather and above. An overlooked factor is the bait movement for the sought after Marlin. When you find the bait you will find the fish. Water Clarity and temperatures are some of the most important factors but the bait is the most very important factor of all. These giant fish have to eat just like you and I do.

    When chartering a deep-sea fishing boat you need to be aware of the tides and the best time for the feeding fish. When you can find the time the fish are feeding and you’re on the right spot then you have a winning combination. Usually, the fish are going to feed in between the slack tides. That’s the high and low tides and then again in the afternoon when you have your boat on the high tide. These are always changing along with the moon phase. This is one of the more important factors to be sure and ask your captain before you book about the tides and moon phase.

    When you’re out there on the deep sea fishing charters asked the captain or the first mate how you can get involved. Let them explain to you how to watch for the sailfish and Marlin. Be part of the fishing team. A lot of times you’ll see the Marlin and sailfish come right into our spread on the teasers. Keeping a sharp Lookout with a good pair of polarized glasses can you increase your chances of hooking up that trophy fish what you’re looking for. There’s also room on the flybridge for people to help watch sailfish sometimes can be seen jumping. Other times you can see him finning. There is a large difference in the way a dolphin and a sailfish or Marlin swim. Be sure and ask the captain or the mate and have them explain that to you so you automatically become part of the crew.[​IMG]

    Remember catching the fish it’s just one phase of having a great fishing trip. There are so other things to learn, how to rig baits, tie the lines, and more importantly find a fish and hooking them up. We sure hope to see you out here in November and through the winter months when the sailfish and Marlin or thick here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico where the friendliest people in the world live.

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