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Thanks to a number of our local charter operators here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, fishing guides, and other private boats, we’re able to bring you regularly fishing reports from many areas around the bay and offshore. Many of our clients post their own reports on or our Facebook page. It’s definitely worth checking out for what’s happening right now in and around Puerto Vallarta., and you can post your own reports, pictures and share information with others. Take a look at Facebook and TripAdvisor.

The June fishing report starts off with the warming of the water inshore and offshore. I spoke last month about the abundance of bait arriving here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. These conditions will continue throughout the summer months. The only difference will be the arrival of bigger fish. Some of these pelagic fish include marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and the most sought-after yellowfin tuna. The huge tunas follow the bait the thermoclines right into the bay. As of matter of fact, some of them were showing up last month. With the arrival of warm water and so much bait, you can easily see why anglers love the summertime fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. There will be numerous families visiting us here in Mexico over the summer months for fishing and what a perfect time to do so. The bay fishing will be hot as July in Texas. Now that’s hot! Hope you will be able to come down and enjoy the hot action.

Offshore fishing will start to see more black marlin and blue marlin as the cool water-striped marlin move out to more favorable grounds. Seems like every time one species of fish leave another shows up just in time to keep the fishing interesting here in our part of the beck of the woods. Along with the huge marlin, the tuna will pop up around the bay and offshore. With the trade winds and local currents, we have you just never know where they will start to feed. This is one of the main reasons we use the satellite service for checking water temp and water clarity before leaving the dock. This not only cuts down on the time we have to hunt for the fish it gives our boats an edge up on the other fleet.

If you are looking for some fantastic beaches, friendly people, incredible restaurants, and some of the best fishing on the planet come to Puerto Vallarta fishing this summer. June is when the fishing really starts to get good here in Puerto Vallarta.
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