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20180323_114439.jpg Puerto Vallarta fishing is holding strong. The medium size baits and larger baits have moved into Puerto Vallarta. This is fantistis on several levels. The sardines bring the mahi mahi , sailfish, stripped and other game fish. When we get the bait movement for long period of time this means only one great thing. Super fishng in Puerto vallarta. The sailfish , mahi mahi aka dorados, and stripped marlin have a water temperature that they like to swim in. Just like us when we take a bath or shower We all have a temperature we like the water to be. Will so do fish. This is one of the main reasons we are checking the water and pacific ocean water temps. These fish love to be in the perfect water temperature as we do.

The one factor that will keep fish in a location or move them to another spot. Food .. Bait. No matter what the water temp is or the color of the water. If the bait is there ya have a great chance to land the big one that most folks are fishing for here in Puerto Vallarta. When we find the bait that these pelagic fish love we have hit a home run. We like these conditions are the fish are thick and there for the catching. I use terrafin for all of our boats.
The large bonitas we catch today are a good sign that the big fish are here and coming to stay. The big tuna and marlin love to eat the 5 to 10 lbs bonitas. Bait for us that fish for these big guys. Ya must have a good boat that has tuna tubes are you are just wasting your time. If you can find the big baits and load up the tuna tubes your chances of catching a big marlin have increased ten fold. When the water temp start rising and the two favorites baits start showing up these means incredible fishing here in Puerto vallarta. The marlin will be here and so will the best fishing in the world. Come down and try your hand of catching one of these trophy fish that run in these waters of the Pacific ocean and the are that surround Puerto vallarta.
This last week the bay fishing was hot for snapper, yellowtail, Spanish mackerel and other game fish. Best bet was 6 hrs in the bay on one of our super pangas for smaller groups or one of the larger boats for 4 or more people wanting to fish here in Puerto Vallarta.

The offshore action has been incredible. The stripped marlin have been hanging around for the bait that I described above along with sailfish. These trips can be done in 8 hrs or maybe a little more time. It's best to call and speak with Capt. Pete toll free to plan your fishing trip here in Puerto Vallarta before you come down to find the right boat and the best trip for you.

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