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    I was wondering how is the fishing down in PR for jigging for those of you that have been out there? I won a free trip for a week but don't plan to go if the fishing is not good because I will be bored out of my mind otherwise. What kind of species should I expect to encounter over there?

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    i would bring a casting rod and fish from shore all over the reefs. bound to be something good.

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    I just got a PM from an angler based in Puerto Rico, let me get his details and I'll forward them to you. I've spent a good bit of time there but it's always been stuck behind a camera.

    UPDATE: sent you a PM.
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    Got it thanks.
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    Hello PurEvl...

    I have lived in PR since 7 years of age and been fishing all my life. As far as jigging there are very few that do it. I have been going at it for a little over 2 1/2 years and have been succesful with the fish I have available. I've fished mostly the west coast (lots of 40-60 fathom shoals close to 200 fathom water). Blackfin tuna, black jacks, and sharks (many over 250#) have become pesty critters while fishing. Sharks (some days) will not let you fish. Many tiger sharks move in the shoals and give you a hard time. Wahoo are always present in 20-50lbs range... 66# my biggest (I actually jig for them as it is a viable solution to trolling due to petrol costs). Have caught some of the local red snappers in 80 fathoms as well as groupers (15-35#). Have caught more 50+ lbs King Mackerel with jigs than I have with live bait on a downrigger. Few yellowfin... but they exist in the 30-70lbs range (Migration #'s has slowed down in the last 10 years). Do not come here soley for giant tuna (200lbs+) as you will not find them readily available. AJ's in the 15-25# range are common. There are some spots on the southern part of the island that I've been scheduling to target (good reports). These are south of " Caja de muerto" island and at the " Escollo Grappler" south of " Patillas". I know a few that have experimented off San Juan (30 minutes from the marina) with inconsistent reports (good and bad days).

    I will try to jig a blue marlin next October as I caught one ona small lure while moving from one jigging spot to the other (150# approx on a 20k Stella and OTI rod). I'm sure it can be done as small marlin gather next to these shoals in Sept and Oct (pinchinchos + Placeres + bajo de Sico).... I have seen two finning fish in the shoals I've been fishing in the last 6 months (off season).

    Hope this info helps in some way... Let me know How it turns out... maybe you'll discover a new hot spot... i truly think that jigging is the future in sportfishing here as gas costs are becoming a burden to talented locals who have to work hard to get gas/diesel $$ in the boat.

    Good Luck / Tight Lines