Puerto Rico - Charter for Xmas

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Enoch, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Enoch

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    Okay, so I'm not sure if the P.R islands is part of GOM entirely however I was wondering if I could get a good word of a charter boat on the island?

    Anyhow have a good boat out there? I will be going to P.R from December 21st untill the 28th.

    any help is appreciated!
  2. birdjo

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    What fish are u looking for?
    Tarpon, offshore

  3. awashinsky1

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    alot of good captins there, and alot of wahoos close to shore, i dont think u will have any problem finding someone good once u get there.
  4. luis94

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    Hello Enoch,,
    Contact Capt. Roberto Reyes ( [email protected] )
    You can also contact him here in the Forum...user name (Roberto Reyes)
    He will take you Jigging anywhere in the Island..

    Here,s Capt. Roberto with a nice Jocu Snapper..Pic from last saturdays Trip!
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  7. VaRandy

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    For trolling there are many captains to take you. For my kind of fishing, jigging and run and gunning,there is only Roberto. I just fished with him Sat and Monday and am leaving the island tomorrow. He is a world record holder in spearfishing and free diving and takes the fish he puts you on from below! He thinks like a fish and I like his approach to fishing.

    Jigging is his passion but he also can put you on Tarpon, etc. He handles personal parties and lets the larger ones go to others.

    He also is a Jigstar/Zest customer but more importantly,he has become a true friend.

    There are very few boats fishing out of Puerto Rico,maybe because of the economy. That means you are on your own every time you go out. Where to go (360 degrees) off this island. No help from the internet,no help from radios and others. You need a captain that thinks out of the box and has backup plans and cutoff times before changing up.

    Anyone hoping to jig Puerto Rico would do well to get information from another successful jigger there,no other background in fishing is helpful, and in fact is usually at your expense.

    I would love to live here full time and will go back to Hatteras trying to figure out how!

    The people of the island live every day to the fullest with food, drink, dancing, enjoying the water ingrained into their lives. This place is the closest I have found to the ultimate fishing site that is fished little.
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    I just came back from Rincon. Buddies of mine own a dive shop there (Taino Divers). They just bought a new pair of F300 Yamaha's (First set in PR, ever). The only dealership on the island had never rigged these before, they flew me down two weeks ago to rig their 32' custom catamaran.

    The guy who runs the dive program there is BIG into free diving/blue water hunting. He regularly shoots wahoo, blackfin, grouper, mahi and big snappers.

    They are on the west coast, and only about 12 miles from Desecheo, a marine reserve island. But, on the way there, there are a few drops off that go from 120' to 200'. Also, to the south, there are a group of offshore humps that are in 1800', that peak to 150'. He says that area is always loaded with big wahoo and lots of tunas.

    They arent really into the fishing down there, but after talking to them, seeing his catches, and looking at charts, there has to be some awesome jigging in that area. I brought a fly rod for the tarpon (got a 40# 'poon), didnt even think to bring jigging gear. Although, there depthfinder on the boat is mediocre for deepwater jigging.
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    Hello Randy,
    It was a great Pleasure and Honor Knowing you and Having the opportunity to share some time
    and fish with you.
    You are truly a great person full of knowledge and best of all always willing to share and show
    others without any reserves,,My Friend we hope you enjoyed your visit here just as much as we did.

    Btw,Your gona have to give Ernie a call..hes been kind of depressed :( since you left the Island,,jajajajajajaaa!!!!!!

    Take Care My Friend,

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    Does capt.roberto have a website?
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