Products of note at Summerset NJ show

Discussion in 'Boat Shows' started by Fishhead56, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Fishhead56

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    I wasn't offered one.
    How might it feel on the head in July in the mid day sun?
    Enough from me for a while.

    Layin out in the NE

  2. j0hnnyv

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    was the pink stuff even at their booth? or was their's just behind it?

    it looked like stuff

    That was in our booth. The products are from "Ocean Girl" They had a space in our booth to promote their product line i.e. pink rods and apparel. Very popular with female anglers.

    Love to the clown face artwork over their faces. One of them was the owner of oceangirl Corky Smith on the right, he will love that, bahahaha.

    Thanks gman..none of you guys came up and said hello to me in my booth, i had crazy gear on display at the tackledirect booth! :eek: