President Trump Nominated for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

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    Unbeknownst to me, trump had tweeted this a few hours
    before my comments above about Iran. LMAO.
    I guess attacking US troops with missles doesn't really count,
    or warrant a "1,000 times greater" response.

    Why the tweet from trump,
    because a long time member of Club Mar-A-Largo,
    personal friend of trumps,
    and professional handbag designer,
    who he appointed Ambassador of South Africa,
    was the potential subject of an assassination plot by Iran.

    The news report came out,
    indicating that US Intelligence Agencies had reported this.
    Why trump tweeted the above.
    Can't have Mar-A-Largo Club members getting killed,
    not good for business.

    The same US Intelligence Agencies that reported in February,
    that Russia/Putin has put bounties on the heads of US troops.
    That of course was NOT accurate intelligence,
    and was a deep state political hit job against trump,
    and deemed Fake News.

    Putin would never do something like that,
    Russia is our friend,
    we all had it wrong for the past 70 years.

    In other news, trump said the vaccine for covid
    is only a few weeks away for you,
    but you probably don't want to take it anyway.

    In that case, if the polls don't turn positive for him,
    the promised "October Surprise"
    might be this tweet from 2012
    iran 4.jpg

    PS> personally, I think he is saving the war thing to until
    AFTER he loses the election. When he really becomes desperate.
    Official HJ prediction. :)
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    Your so easy Jack. What a goof.
    Oh yeah, I'm from PA, not Tejas

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    Reminds me of an old saying....

    Six of one,
    half dozen of another.



    Dang, PA boy dissing the cowboys in Texas
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    cowboys suck. whole NFL sucks.
    perfectly happy to see that BS go down the shitter.
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    Don't worry, trump is working on that,
    and will probably be successful,
    like he was destroying/bankrupting the USFL,
    along with his team, the NJ Generals.

    When I said cowboys, I kind of meant the people,
    cowpoke of Texas, not the NFL team. My bad.
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    You forgot the part where he classified the traumatic brain injuries due to incoming rocket fire that US soldiers received as "headaches." That was pretty cool too.
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    "They know what they signed up for"

    "It is what it is"
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    The Trump campaign ran a 'Support Our Troops' ad with a stock photo of Russian fighter jets

    An advertisement from President Donald Trump's campaign urging Americans to support US troops featured images of Russian fighter jets.

    The online ad, paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, ran from September 1 to 12. It showed three troops walking below fighter jets alongside the words "Support Our Troops."

    However, the jet in the image isn't used by the US Air Force.

    Pierre Sprey, an engineer who has designed jets for the Air Force,
    told Politico that it was actually a Russian air force MiG-29.

    Ruslan Pukhov, the director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, also told Politico that the service member on the far right in the ad was carrying an AK-74 rifle, a Soviet-developed weapon.

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    Benny TBIs are a fairly common occurrence in the military ( unless you work 100% in the office). I busted my head several times in training or doing maintenance and saw many others do as well (sometimes because of their own fault, sometimes because of others).
    Have you served under the Obama administration? Serving under Obama I saw guys who were busting their back working getting kicked out for the smallest mistakes like being 5 minutes late a couple times or failing a Pt test. I don’t care much about politics but I saw a pay increase and way better treatment under President Trump. I support him and most guys I know do the same.
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    Ah, now it all makes sense.


    PS> trumps pay raise was 2.6%,
    Obama raised pay 3.9% and 3.5% in two consecutive years,
    along with raises every year he was in office.
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    HJ I’ll humor you just this once. Easy way of busting your head open( without when being your fault )
    1. Guy works on the hydraulic deck ( section 6 ) of a Black Hawk helicopter , right under the main rotor head.
    2. New soldier turns blades manually without shouting the mandatory “blades turning” or letting anyone know.
    3. When you get up (same spot you Got down on your belly) you find the leaning edge of a blade busting your head
    4. you calmly climb down using 3 points of contact and explain the importance of talking before moving the rotor head.
    While working as a team in confined spaces, on Comms or in challenging conditions ( night time, low visibility , etc) it’s not uncommon to have serious accidents
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    Since you didn't get it,
    like I said above,
    it all makes sense now.

    PS> I do think TBI from a high explosive missile attack,
    is a bit different than banging your head on a rotor blade,
    I'm sure your fellow troops would agree.

    PPS> thanks for your service.
  13. Stevo

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    I agree . The army I believe has 4 categories of TBI depending on severity. I’m not trying to downplay the severity of the attack, I’m sure some of those were severe but it’s part of business when raising your hand.
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    2014 "darker times" ;)

    "America is winning again. America is respected again.
    I have just left the United Nations.
    Believe me, the world respects us now again"

    2020 Popular German MAGAzine


    # Respect
    # Honor
    # Winning every darn day!