prelude to bret's costa rican report

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by mcgolfer, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. mcgolfer

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    i will not spoil or take away from what bret should post up about our trip
    my portions of our excellant costa rican adventure was very fufulling and we did catch and raise lots of sails and a few marlin. i know this is a tease but betsi shot some great video of something that happened on the trip and bret will probably post it here or at least a link to it here so other can enjoy and can see what a rush offshore fishing can be. bret and betsi are not returning until later this weekend so look for his perspective early next week (feb 12th or 13th)....rick
  2. Pope

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    I am going to call. I can't wait to hear about it! I have been wondering all week how you guys were doing.

  3. jaredchasteen

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    Was there any snapper around? I wonder if Bret got his Marlin.
  4. PiePuncher

    PiePuncher Senior Member

    Any Pink Snapper around? I forgott what they are called
  5. DeepBlueGulf

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    I'm willing to bet that they had a Whale Shark come up to the boat and Bret jumped in with it! That would be a pretty incredible thing!

    But I wouldn't mind seeing a 300lb YFT coming over the side of the boat too!

    Rick you are a heck of a tease!

    Tom - DBG
  6. ksong

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    Which part of CR did you fish ?
  7. mcgolfer

    mcgolfer Guest

    near golfito a small town called zancudo.....rick
  8. bpitcher

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    Rick, didn't anyone ever teach you that teasin' ain't nice? Seems like you're still attracting all those pesky marlin, huh?

  9. mcgolfer

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    i am not being nice just respectful. i was there guest on this trip and i wll let bret and betsi be the ones to do the report and link up with a video.....rick
  10. ksong

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    Rick, If I visit Costa Rica, I am more interested in cubera snapper or rooster fish from shore or on a small panga than glamorous marline or sailfish.
    One of the destinations in Costa Rica I am looking for is Punta Banco, just south of Zancudo.
  11. Bret

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    Kil, my wife and I fished punta banco two years ago.. I hadnt got into jigging yet, but we caught two WR's the same day fishing that area.. I think the jigging will do well there. The captains were impressed that we were able to load up on the skipjacks fairly easily on the jigs after they went down deep. They are trying to put together a remote camp on an island in Panama.. lots of areas for jigging near there. I will keep you guys posted on their progress.
    John is heading down there in march to check out the area and fish..