PR Tarpon fishing is on fire

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by venicenporta, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. venicenporta

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    The big girls are here guys and we are smoking them. 4 days ago I was 10 for 25 on lands to hookups and i dont know how many boils and sand perch smashed...a couple of pics from a fun trip, I don't have time for pics on charters but will force the clients to use my camera if I can remember in the madness!:D

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  2. Ragman

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    This board still refers to Page Ranking (P R) as page ranking! LOL it even did it in my post! hilarious

    Do you mean Puerto Rico...Port A...where?

    Nice report and great pics! Do you ever chase them with artificials? If so, on top, soft plastic, or trolling?

    SilverKing is on my list -along with snook- for my next topwater catches.

  3. venicenporta

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    Yeah, Puerto freakin Rico. I don't know what page ranking is...We catch them on fly all the time, but mostly anchovies, threadfin herring, and mojarra(similar to a pinfish). The big girls have been coming on mojarra lately. On fly, a deciever or a clouser, also a big fuzzy head mullet pattern. Port A, Texas of course. If you want tarpon and snook, this is the place.

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    I think if you try to abbreviate Puerto get a (P.R. without the periods) or page ranking...whatever that is.