Possibly Bad 100 pound Braid?????

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    I mentioned in another thread last week that I had breakage on some JB 100 hollow, (when pulled directly off the reel). On several trys, using a 7-turn surgeons loop, the line broke at an average of about 45 pounds, somewhere between the knot and the reel.

    Although I have not resolved this issue to my satisfaction, I wanted to post this due to the fact that I think I was somewhat premature in saying something bad about this line before checking it out thoroughly.

    Before calling Jerry Brown, as advised, I called Mark at Charkbait and he ended up talking to Jerry while I was on the line and afterward, at Jerry's request I called him and we talked for literally half an hour. After assuring me that he would stand behind the line, he asked me if the line was packed hard on the reel. I told him it seemed to be--it was spooled at Charkbait when I bought the reel--and he pointed out that digging in could cause the problem. I checked and there was just the slightest tendency of the line to dig in a little--but not offensively so.

    After my discusseion with him, I did a couple of more pulls using the reel with about the same breakage results but this time, I watched the reel as I was doing so and the line was indeed breaking at or near the reel.

    Jerry advised me to strip some line off and try it off the reel. I did not have much time this weekend, but I did take some off the reel and wrapped it around a hammer handle enough that it did not slip, and had a couple of breaks at around 60 pounds. (I say "about" because I did not have anyone to watch the scale for me and after a break like that, the scale thrashes around enough to throw the tell-tale off at least a little.

    In any case, I stripped all the 100 pound off and replaced it with JB 130 hollow braid--I'm guessing the little reel held about 400 yards. I know I can have confidence in this line until I resolve the issues with 100, and I have a spooling method that, while redneck, is absolutely foolproof and the heavier line is rock-hard at this point.

    So, at my leisure, I am going to test the 100 pound with someone watching the scale. Hopefully the surgeons loop should break before the line and hopefully that will be somewhere around 70 pounds. (Mr. Brown told me that both the Bimini and the surgeons' loop are about 70 percent knots in braid.)

    He also gave me a good lesson in how spectra breaks. He said that it does cut so much as it melts--when the knot starts to slip--even a little--the friction causes the heat to build up enough that the line literally melts--this could occur even several inches from the actual knot. I assume, without knowing 100 percent--that this could apply to an area on the reel where the line has dug in so much that it starts to slip out when you pull hard.

    The bottom line is that I probably should have had these conversations before making an internet post that the line might be faulty. It appears that it may not be, and I will let everyone know one-way or another. If I find it breaking before the knot does, I am going to send the whole batch back to Jerry for checking on his line-tester, not so much because I am concerned with having it replaced but more to have an expert check it out. I have no doubt, having talked to him and to Mark, that both are absolute straight shooters.


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    check your leader material as well. A lot of it breaks well below rated strength. Dosn't matter what brand. Segar, yozuri etc. Usually breaks in the line and not in the knot if its a 100% knot. Lot's of bad stuff out there. I found a batch of Frenze at MC Saltwater tackle that does break at rated strength.