Port Fourchon watch out....Beware

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by jaredchasteen, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. jaredchasteen

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    I heard that there was a group of ruffians going to Port fourchon this weekend. I feel sorry for those coonasses as they have to deal with Vance, Rick, Tom, John, and others this weekend. There is a reason these guys are not fishing from texas.
    Enough kidding, here are a few tips that i am sure you already know.

    Take live mullet as well as hardtails as the bite has been inconsistant on either bait. I would look for mullet around the jetty perhaps.
    if you go swording, here is the rig that works for me and wacker.

    A 10/0 or so super marlin type hook, hooked to a windon leader of 250-300#s.
    We have been placing a electralume light about 25 feet up the line. Make sure and use longline clips as those lights are around 50 bucks a apiece. Then attach a 2# wieght(with a rubber band) about 25 feet up from that. We have been setting lines at 100, 200, 300, 400. Connect a balloon (via rubberband) to the top and use a s a bobber. If that sucker moves than game on.

    I look forward to seeing the pics and reports and hope the weather gods cooperate. I am sure this group opf fishermen will bring some meat home. I have also heard the Mahi are still at the floaters.
  2. Ragman

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    Hey Jared!

    Thanks for the last minute info, especially about the Mahi!

    You gave me the perfect reason to bring the TE700! LOL!

  3. Bret

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    Tom, I knew you were looking for some reason to bust out that calcutta again.

    Good luck!!
  4. jedi243

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    Friends dont let friends fish 40 on a CTE700 with big tuna around.:D
  5. SkeeterRonnie

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    Tom- i bet them mahi will love that funky chicken II...
  6. MrBill

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    Last weekend there was three big dolphin caught at Boomvang. Every single one of them was caught on a chunk of blackfin that was not properly let out. The guys got lazy and let the chunk out about 100 yards and then tightened up the drag and sat down to rest.

    We were drifting so fast that the chunk came up to the surface. I saw at least 20 dolphin swiming under the lights of the boat. They would come to the lights and feed on little bait then retreat. Every one them were nice size. Lots of dolphin in the GOM right now.
  7. newman

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    You gave me the perfect reason to bring the TE700! LOL!

    Naw he is bringing it for a swordfishing weight ;).

    Tom I sent a couple of spreader bars with hookbaits, a 5 pack of rigged trolling lures and some giveaways with Vance so ya'll make sure to take some pics and send us some reports! Send back the spreader bars and 5 pack that doesn't get broken off or traded for the giveaways unless one of ya'll or the capt wants to buy the "used merchandise" for a discounted price. If you want prices call me at 713-992-4146.